The wisdom of Ozzy

He also said this in the same article/interview, which was quite perceptive :
"It was an encounter with Tony Blair, years ago, which put him off politics for good. "He came up to me at an awards ceremony and said: 'I used to be in a rock and roll band, you know, but I could never get the chords to Iron Man right.' And I thought to myself: there are kids dying in Africa and our own boys are going off to war and you're talking to me about Iron Man?" "
I've loved this guy for his unpretentious approach to life ever since I saw some gig he did for Aunt Betty at (I think) Buckingham Palace. It was the same gig where that curly-headed fella from Queen played guitar on the roof. No idea what it was called or what it was for.

Prior to his appearance at said gig, there were very loud and serious noises being made that Ozzi was out of control and would give Aunt Betty the finger or otherwise deliver some sort of deathstroke to the monarchy and to all of Christendom, but when he confidently strode onto the stage and launched into one of his old songs, he was abso-fückin'-lutely amazing! He delivered an astonishingly mesmerizing, totally professional performance that made you just sit back in abject wonder with your chin on your chest and whisper: "Jaisus, but dis fella can fückin' rock an' no fückin' mistake!"

It's small wonder that his group was so popular in its heyday.

I still can't work out why he has been so successful, he is a completely sh1t singer and has the grace and poise on stage of a drunk welder.

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