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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Vegetius, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Just thought I'd let you lot in on this one, as it hasn't had a UK network release save on obscure (but rather good) cable channel FX (who also show Carnivale and Navy CIS). The first and second series are available on DVD. As usual for quality American drama, it is made by HBO (Sex and the City, Band of Brothers, Rome etc).

    The Wire is a police procedural set in Baltimore, Maryland. It centres on an investigation into the head of a crack cocaine cartel operating in the cities West Side projects after a detective (McNulty) indiscreetly tells a judge all about it after a murder jury is nobbled by a member of the cartel. Just about every level of the story and characters is brilliantly observed; the arse-covering police hierarchy; the over-ambitious department middle-managers; the dealers, crackheads and informants; the salty field detectives and the bone-headed young cops who just want a ruck with the pondlife on the street.

    I can honestly say that it is the most grown-up, well-observed and brilliantly scripted police drama I've ever seen. Why it didn't make Channel 4 or similar is a complete mystery to me (it does have an "18" Rating because the language is very strong) and I'd be remiss if I didn't give some forum members here who might have missed it a heads up.

    For me it also highlights the problems of so-called "accountable" policing in the US. Everybody is running an angle; the DAs, the chief of police, the judges and the department chiefs totally wrapped up in the byzantine relationship between the cops and city hall. New Labour are dead keen on this, it's coming to a British police HQ near you soon. Investigations are launched as perception exercises, not operational imperatives and in the first episode you see the FBI, with all their Gucci kit and seemingly effortless ability to squash the problem pulled off to fight Terrorism, leaving the utterly skint Baltimore PD to pick up the pieces.

    Do yourself a favour, beg, borrow or appropriate a copy of season one, get a few beers in and sit out the winter in no little style. Lastly, the official website for the show is here.


  2. Nice avatar V- improvement on the last one.
  3. Good policeman - I notice you don't say steal :lol:

    I watched (for a very short time) Navy CIS when I was over in the States - a huge big pile of poo - in my opinion :twisted:

    Overacted, badly written and padded out by good looking girls....... on second thoughts maybe I should watch it again - not in the company of my missus 8)
  4. You never forget the definition of Theft. It's like an army number, seared into your swede.

    Navy CIS is one of Mrs. Veg's favourites. Actually, on one level I think it's meant to be a clever parody of shows like JAG (which I actually can't watch despite fancying Catherine Bell), but maybe I'm looking for things that aren't there. I like the Goth scientist chick, anyway. And they slotted the crumpety agent in the head courtesy of an AQ sniper at the end of Season One, which played against type.

    Back to the topic in hand, sort yourself out a copy of The Wire. Why the fcuk doesn't great telly like this make it onto terrestial telly?

  5. I got both series on DVD box set last Friday and am already half way thru the second series investigating the wheelings and dealings of Frank Sobotka. It is compulsive viewing.

    Also recommended is The Shield with Michael Chiklis. Fourth season out on DVD 26 Dec.
  6. ncis and jag are great no brains tv :lol: