The Wire - BBC2 weekdays

Arguably one of the greatest shows ever made has finally made it onto free to air non-satellite TV in the UK. BBC2 is showing all 60 episodes of The Wire (all 5 seasons), with one episode going out every weekday at 2330 hrs until all have been aired. A bit late if you have to get up and work in the morning, but worth recording.

For those who have not seen the The Wire, it is a complex, diverse drama, with lots of swearing, sex and violence. It is also incredibly well plotted and acted and is set in the Maryland port city of Baltimore. Across the 60 episodes it takes in unions, schools, city hall and the media, buts its main focus is the Baltimore Police Department and its efforts to tackle the city's enormous drug problem and sky high murder rate.

There are no clear-cut heroes and villains in The Wire, the criminals and police get equal ammounts of attention in the script and you will feel sympathy and revulsion for them in (almost) equal ammounts.

That's enough from me, but if you like TV that makes you think and doesn't have the 'good guys' win at the end of each episode then give The Wire a try.

Oh, and if you are new too it, try to pick out the two English actors in major roles. It's not easy and a lot of Americans have been caught out by their accents.


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Taking of American TV Drama...ish...

I have just watched a few episodes of Eleventh Hour with the divine Rufus Sewel.... and its not bad...I normally hate American TV series... but even though they have made Rufus have an American accent (they must be mad!!) and there is the standard blonde vapid American tottie for the rest of you.... the stories are pretty good and its nice mix of drama lighter moments...

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