The Wild Goose.

Aye - all around the coin to come back to the same solution, or something thereabouts.
they're probably out of licence now, you could just rip off the design and start making them. it cant be that hard.

bill it as autonomous; you just tell the driver where to go and he goes there.

Fake Sheikh

War Hero
How many hours of FAM training are required?

Will the course be in Brecon or Leconfield?
Grantham with the RLC as it counts as Hazardous Transportation.
I guess an all terrain robot to carry gear was considered too expensive, so a granny trolley was the answer?
With the raising of recruiting age, I'm expecting to see spaz chariots become issue. It'd certainly rev up the Trooping Of The Colour
Jeez rainbow coloured spaz chariots I can see it now
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