The Wild Goose.

What were the R and D cost for the 'wild goose'? Just think of the other applications for this innovation
Oh, hang on...

Going to be a bugger getting it over the 10ft wall.
And they say it's just because it's cold in the Arctic. Right.
And the high heels are just used as improvised crampons...
Bet this lot must be spinning in their graves.

Wild Geese.jpg
Brilliant idea. Can't wait to see one malfunction and push some poor unfortunate off a ledge to fall to their death. Usefulness totally outweighed by the extra weight of all the spares that aforementioned SP will have to carry to keep the thing operational-the RLC will love that. Mind you, looking forward, I can see them replacing the 12 pounder and limber in the Field Gun Race, or even introduced into the pace sticking challenge; like synchronised swimming on wheels...
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