"The Wild Geese" Trivia Q

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Library_Soldier, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Just watched it on DVD, anyone know the Capbadges of main and supporting characters? Yep I've googled trivia, yep I'm bored/sad/squiffy!
  2. probably - Richard Harris is RGJ, Roger Moore is Irish Guards, Richard Burton is Grenadier Guards, Hardy Kruger wore Para Reg but obviousely wasn't as he was a "Saf Afrikkan" merc.
  3. Hardy Kruger wore Para Reg but obviousely wasn't

    Well he couldn't really wear his old Waffen SS cap badge. Incidently, the guy with the SAS beret was a real blade in his varied and distinguished career.
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  4. And of course the dodgy Kenneth Griffiths character was RAMC-

    "Come on you beauties!"
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  5. Ah .... trivia wars eh?.

    Which film star of the 1920s was capturedwhile cowering in a German trench in WW1, and was taken to the US. Subsequently got small parts in films before his own series of films based on his character ?.
  6. Rin Tin Tin ????
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  7. I believe he was 'third dog from left' in Desert song and 'unnamed Alsatian' in the Dawn Patrol - a part he made his own...
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  8. That'd be Adolf.
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  9. D'oh, I wondered if the cowering bit would be too much.

    Another then, who was taken in Iraq then via Germany, to Palestine - where she was release to the tender mercies of a lynch mob?. No film resulted from this, which was surprising as it was obviously very political.
  10. I think Richard Burton was Royal Welch Fusilers (sans hackle), may be wrong but I'm pretty sure its not Grens, the bombs wrong
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  11. Jessica Rabbit?

  12. Ok....errrrrr....

    Which British Rock Star was Private in 1950, then a Major in 1942?

  13. Double D'oh !!. Like the cryptic response though.
  14. David Bowie, He was in virgin soldiers, and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.
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  15. David Bowie

    The Virgin Soldiers

    Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

    Sad really isn't it

    Need a clue from Whiffler though