The Wild Arrsers.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Bored, pissed and watching the Wild Geese for want of anything else to do, and it struck me like a bolt from the blue that we could do our own arrse version. First and foremost, Colonel Faulkner would be CPunk, as a responsible adult. Next, we could have Sean Fynn, (Roger Moore for you young chaps) played by Lord Flasheart as he's the only bloke here I know of that alleges he can fly. Witty (gay medic) obviously will be Jarrod, going out in a blaze of camp glory with an empty uzi courtesy of a bunch of mildly piqued silvery moons carrying machetes. President Limbani (Five Alpha) will be carried through the bush by Cutaway as Hardy Kruger's character, sorry Cuts, but FA will be wearing spurs you on, as it were. Sandy the RSM, well, I put some thought into this, and it's got to be Tropper, if only for the fact that we finally get to watch some cunt fatally shoot him. Your input required as I am now going to open another beer and crank up the ipod.
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  2. BigBird can be the camp.
  3. Is there a vacancy for an obnoxious fat cunt?
  4. Can I be the bloke in the corner who quietly gets on with the job only to be shot 5 minutes in.
  5. There may be a vacancy but certainly no space :)
  6. I have spare pants if tents are required!

    You DO all own respirators don't you?
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  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Wouldn't she be the Herc?
  8. Is there a queue to be one of the chaps that take a Machete to Kenneth Griffith?
  9. I'll fit. Just grab a tyre lever and a grease gun.
  10. I'll be the jump master - I manage to cock up most things...
  11. Sounds fun. Can I drive the biff wagon?
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  12. Well if you could get her wings to flap .......
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  13. Jumping out of planes? Noone said anythng about being a dirt dart. Aside from being a fat cunt I really hate heights. Can't we go mech instead?
  14. Is there a preliminary manifest and chalk list yet?

    If so please delete Bravo_Bravo from it as the whole scenario is classed as an Op tour and he has a doctor's note.
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  15. Don't be a dickhead.......Hercs don't flap their wings!!! Pfft!
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