The wife's dog

Two guys meet up for a game of golf and one says to the other. "Do you mind if the wifes' dog comes round with us, I've got to exercise it and this way I can get a round of golf in. He's very well trained, so he won't be a problem." The other guy says. " That's crafty, I'll have to remember that little scam." Golfer 1 goes to his car and comes back with an apricot toy poodle in tow. Golfer 2 tries to keep a straight face and tees off. Golfer 1 takes his shot and it's a real belter. The little dog stands up and claps furiously. Golfer 2. "That is absolutely amazing, does he do that every time you make a good shot?"
"Yep, every time."
"What does he do if you make a bad shot ?"
"He turns somersaults."
"Somersaults? come're kidding."
"No bull, he turns somersaults."
"That is bloody many ?"
"It depends."
"Depends ? on what?"
"How hard I kick him up the arse!!"
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