The Widowmakers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, May 11, 2013.

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  1. What an absolute Hoover dam chinned cunt

    Status wanker.jpg
  2. A rather angry man. He's been in prison. What a surprise.
  3. What a bellend, Be funny if the Rozzers take him in for inciting violence .
  4. Spelling problems as usual.

    He works at the double-glazing place as a window-maker. He can make them faster and straighter than anyone down our street. Shite with a keyboard though.
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  5. Offer him out! All the details are there, you could be in grief-land tomorrow knocking him about. Or are you just going to post on a forum about what a tool he is...?
  6. Strewth Peter Kaye has hit hard times then
  7. You're closer than me and anyhow I'm my hair.
  8. Is he a rent boy?
  9. It's the extra chromosome. Either makes them incredibly strong or an utter turd gargling cunt. Can't have both.
  10. More to the point - why was the OP looking for "muscle bound hard men" in the first place?
  11. Just saw his name. Thick cunt can't even spell "colon" properly.
  12. I used to live in his road, he,s a fuckin blowhard, only his shit smells strong enough to kill.
  13. One of my Faceache friends had commented on it so it showed up on my news feed, thought it was NAAFI worthy
  14. Why would his arms be called the widowmakers if he has never actually killed anyone with them? If he has, I'd imagine plod would be interested and, if, as I suspect, they haven't, surely this is a trading standards offence - at least false marketing.

    Confused of Cuntshire?????
  15. Inviting opponents to make an appointment for a 'straightner', yeah right. Me thinketh he ought to watch his back, as a person(s) will possibly visit without appointment when he least expects it, and part him from his consciousness.

    The local plod knowing of his 'invite' to challengers would not likely be too interested in committing too many resources to finding his assailant(s).