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Tony Blair was just like Winston Churchill claims Cherie Blair

By Greig Box Turnbull 1/10/2008

Cherie Blair appears to have completely lost the plot - by arrogantly comparing husband Tony to Winston Churchill.

Pompous Cherie, 54, boasted the ex-PM would be judged "very well" by history and be "up there with Churchill" - despite his monumental blunder over the Iraq War.

However, she showed a rare streak of modesty as she admitted she could have done better while Britain's First Lady. The mum of four owned up: "Just look at the press cuttings. You couldn't say it was a triumph, could you?"

But barrister Cherie dismissed frequent attacks on her looks and dowdy dress sense.

She said: "Clothes weren't an important part of my career.

"Since I'm not a fashion model there's a limit to how nice I can make myself. I don't regard myself as an ugly person but I don't think of myself as someone who would choose to be a model.

"I'm somebody who might be, I'd like to think, a role model for people who want to become lawyers."

Cherie also admitted Tony, 55, was taken aback by parts of her memoirs published this year, Speaking For Myself.

In the book she revealed that she was seeing two other men when she fell for him in December 1975. She told Vanity Fair magazine: "I think he's rather embarrassed by the love affair bits. I don't think he particularly read those closely.

Been there, done that!"

But she defended some of the tome's frank revelations, such as the news son Leo, now eight, was conceived at the Queen's Balmoral home after she forgot to pack "contraceptive equipment".

She said: "In political books people don't talk about their contraception, but this isn't a political book. This was a book about a woman's life, about my journey and how it reflects the journey of so many other women. Part of that is the fact that women can control their own fertility."

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Some critics will claim her husband's role over Iraq was less Churchillian bulldog and more like the nodding dog from the TV insurance ads.

But she "absolutely" backed his decision to go to war.

She said: "I did not know all the information but I trusted Tony to make the right decision. Do I agree with Tony on everything? No.

"But do I trust Tony to make big decisions wisely? Yes."


Sir Winston Churchill, left, became PM in 1940 and led Britain to victory in the Second World War.

Tony Blair became PM in 1997 and led Britain into a costly and so far unresolved War On Terror Delusions of grandeur

World No22 golfer Ian Poulter claimed he alone could take on No1 Tiger Woods and bragged: "The trouble is, I don't rate anyone else."

John Lennon hailed the Beatles as "more popular than Jesus" in 1966.

Magician Paul Daniels threatened before the 1997 election: "I'll leave the country if Tony Blair gets in." He's still here.

Spurs boss Christian Gross brandished a Tube ticket as he was unveiled in 1997 and claimed: "I want this to become my ticket to dreams." He lasted less than 12 months.

After losing her bitter divorce court battle, Heather Mills insisted publishing the full transcript of proceedings would vindicate her - despite the judge calling her a "fantasist".
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