The Wide Mouthed Frog strikes again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Is this loon on smackos?
  2. Now I am fully supportive of Sir Fred Goodwin. He made a deal, and now good luck to him.

    Who is paying for this grasping woman? The shareholders? Am I not a 'shareholder'?, I pay tax? I also own a share certificate in this shambles of a so-called bank.

    Can nobody see that all this 'bankers; bonuses; 'wide-mouth frog crap' is:

    a smoke-screen to shield Brown and Bliar from their responsibility for the financial 'out-side lavatory' shambles that has engulfed our nation?

    Certainly there will have been greedy bankers; there have been stupid bankers, and maybe there have been criminal bankers. Similarly there has been, since 1997, a criminal lack of 'control' of the banking system.

    Why? Firstly, 'Stalin' believed that by giving the Bank of England 'freedom' and removing many of the Bank's responsibilities, he would distance himself from financial problems in the future. (Bliar had no idea about what this meant this and even less interest!).

    Secondly, 'Stalin' thought that a 'lack of control' would bring a greater TAX REVENUE into his insatiable maw.

    Brown is without doubt the worst, the very worst politician ever - that is EVER - to have afflicted this once great nation.. His predecessor is in a close second place!
  3. Recall anyone else saying that the UK was in good shape when it was effectively insolvent, Mr Brown perhaps? Can we sue him?
  5. Lots of Money involved. Possible Stink spreading to the higher ranks and government... Lots more money involved....

    Tony throws his missus at it.What makes me laugh are her alleged reasons for doing it. Not once does it say "Oh and by the way I'm going to make a killing"
  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    So the gob will be taking fees from publically funded organisations to get money from a publically funded organisation (for it will be the bank not fred that pays). The net result is moving wooden dollars from one place to another, except for Cruella, who will be taking real dollars from the public purse