The whole nation's watching...and then his pistol misfires

Failure to maintain his weapon, crap drills, tough shit.
Who wasnt paying attention in their weapon handling lessons?....:)
.......and how far away and how fast asleep were the security team?
Failure to use a viable weapon was also another of the many flaws in his 'plan'.
True, a yank would have had no such problem...up close and personal with my Glock, from the edge of the podium with my MP5, back of the hall with my AR15, or from the comfort of my own home with my Wal-Mart drone.


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it was a cs pistol though so I am not sure what drills he failed to follow
Bit farcical all the suits giving him a shoeing.
Best bit is near the end of the vid when Michael Foot leaps on stage to whip him with his brolly.
wasn't a proper pistol. Security will no doubt be getting handed their P45s

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