The Whole Glory of The Service

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dashing_Chap, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Hello chaps & chapesses!

    My apologies for this somewhat controversial post,

    I’ve often pondered upon the fine prospect of rejoining H.M. Forces Reserves, it is a topic which has caused me a great deal of anguish & frustration lately & in order to be true to myself, I feel it is one that I must address. I realise that it may be rather bad form to discuss it on a military forum, but I want to discuss it from an objective angle & without bias.

    On the one hand it was always an honour to serve & certainly would be again, there’s also the fab pastime of poncing about in a dress uniform & mingling with questionable young ladies to consider, the knowledge that I would be serving England is also a proud thought too of course! Part of me wants to march around singing ‘wot-ho Blighty!’ with as much jingoistic vigour that I can muster so I can feel part of something larger than myself. Part of me also seeks to be crowned with laurels & having the satisfaction that, when I am older, I can dribble into my Scotch at the old gits home, wink at the nurse & say ‘I’ve been to dangerous places’. Almost all my old rowing chums have now joined, some as officers in quite renowned regiments, indeed there’s hardly anyone left to man the boat save me! Peer pressure is playing its part too, it would seem.

    Yet I must confess, part of me also realises that the entire thing is really a man made phenomenon, the concept of a modern nation state & national identity are merely 17thC ideologies & in contrast to all things they are hardly even measureable. Even with this in mind, I think it would only take a small nudge to push me into the light. But then what if I were to join & make a career of it? Thirty or forty years later, where will the UK be? Will the hard toil have been worth it? Or would the panache have lost all its lustre in the face of adversity with the new up & coming states of Asia? Would the influence of Her Maj have diminished enough to make her commission comparable to service in some obscure crackpot country that no-one really cares about? What’s the point when anyone with half a grain of sense is emigrating anyway?

    There are a few other factors that have stopped me & I daresay, played no small part in driving me from the service in the first place. It is irresistible that I should have to visit someplace sandy. It’s not that I don’t agree with the war, but I wouldn’t be too chuffed to find myself in harms way because of it. Putting on a uniform & placing oneself in danger merely because someone you don’t even know tells you to, all the while some benefit claiming chav is sat at home eating cheese on toast & watching Jeremy Kyle, has to be one of the most bizarre concepts imaginable & I often wonder if I am alone with this absurd perspective of life in the modern world? Has this thought really not occurred to anyone in theatre? If it were an honourable cause then certainly I would have no scruples, but I perceive our foreign policy more as ‘Politically Correct imperialism’ & as dear old Winnie once said, ‘not worth the bones of a dead Grenadier’. This I find even more apparent, there is only one chance at life & then it is over forever, therefore, one must choose very carefully how to spend ones time for none of us will ever have this opportunity again. If it is lost in this war then what exactly for? To lower the price of oil? It’s hardly a fair transaction. I find myself agreeing with Mr Smedley Butler in this case, one can hardly argue the subject with a two times MoH winner.*

    I do wonder, my old school chums were certainly intelligent, but perhaps they are myopic to the truth of life? Would they not be better doing as I do? Running round town with a perplexed look on my fizzog & doing the most unspeakable things to young ladies bottoms? Who exactly are we serving anyway? New Liarbour? The great unwashed? Would they not be better off serving themselves & living for acts of pleasure instead?

    I do beg your pardon for this disagreeable subject, but it has been plaguing my mind for a while & I was curious for a more professional opinion. What exactly gives you the zeal to serve?

    I do remain, &c.


  2. Thats a bit heavy going.
    Anyway, I joined up for me, to prove I could do it, now I am in and have made friendships I am here for me and my muckers,I don't want to let them down.
    The rest of it? Don't think about it,your head will explode. Thats the way I look at it.
  3. You are a dull cnut and a pseudo intellectual tit.
  4. Probably yes or no
  5. You've got it all wrong, it's all about how many badges you can collect in 24(now) years!
  6. When I saw THAT, I did wonder what was particularly special about this post; if you didn't consider the reception to your other posts 'controversy', then what could this be?

    Anyway, to answer your question, I don't think anybody should or actually do join up for King and Country unless they also think that they'll benefit as well. Think about what you want to do, what you'll get out of it, and where you'll be once it's over, not whether you'll look good in a uniform or what the country will be like in 30 years. If things become intolerable, you'll still have time to leave and buggr off and still be ahead of the game. Hope that's helpful.

    Finally, I wouldn't consider asking about rejoining the military "bad form" on a military forum. Here is a list of forums where it would be bad form:
  7. Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier.

    Dr Johnson

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, you should know who wrote that.

    then you just might understand
  8. I joined for the tits and arrse. And beer. About as profound and genuine as you're likely to hear from me, you Intello-Walt™.
  9. Just a wild guess, but based on your prose, rhetoric and claim to have been in the Indian cavalry, you're 73 years old aren't you?

    In which case it's too late; paintballing for you me old mucka, and a life of regrets (combined with the guilty pleasures of wetting yourself and rubbing your impotent c*ck up against the night nurse).

    Eat me.
  10. I did agree with Nelsons philosophy for quite a while… Mr londoncrab sir, I thought my post a little antiestablishment, to the point that it questions the very threshold of service philosophy- ‘What is the point of serving? What is the point of Blighty?’ I felt acutely aware that posting that sort of selfish view in a forum dedicated to those already serving wouldn’t be too tactful.

  11. And every soldier thinks meanly of every man...

    Fecking civvies.....
  12. That’s actually a reference to officer Mahoney’s quote in Police Academy, my real service I prefer to keep far more obscure, least someone eventually work out my identity & an embarrassing slander ensue. :wink:

  13. Or as my troop sergent would say"If you ain't one of us your shite"
  14. Mum's the word then :roll:
  15. So no-ones pondered the long term consequences? I suppose this should really be aimed more at the regulars as for them it’s a full time job.