"The whole British Army is held together by gaffer tape"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mad_mick, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Kick this one round to your little hearts delight.
  2. Nothing new there then :D
  3. But what happens when procurement doesn't buy any more tape?
  4. Velcro?
  5. An incredibly non cost-efficient alternative, that makes it's a winner.
  6. The ultimate lean mean fighting machine.
    No Navy, rent when needed.
    Army, 20.
    RAF, 20,000.

    Get on the Herc, sleep, get off the Herc, Patrol, get on the Herc, sleep, get off the Herc, Patrol. Get on the Herc, sleep, get off the Herc, screw missus, get on the Herc, etc
  7. Isn't that what happens already? It certainly feels like it.
  8. stop taking the pyss out of my pyss-takes!
    And don't mention the Civil Servant unit on call 9-5/5 in event of emergency backup required.
  9. and bungees
  10. Can we still afford to issue them or is it like the old days when you had to buy your own? (like a sleeping bag that works).
  11. It was harry black maskers and paracord when I was in ...
  12. Gaffer tape best thing ever invented
  13. Black nasty was always a good trading medium, I gave a new roll of 2" to some lads from the SBS (after fixing their kit without the 1045 palaver, they need all the help they can get) for free and they were gobsmacked. Paracord was the devil to get, but ordinary nylon cord was a good second best
  14. Whats fer**ng gaffer tape?

    If you mean Harry Black/black nasty etc etc then yes most of your equipment has been held together using that since Jesus was a lad.

    It has many names but please dont call it Gaffer Tape it is worthy of more respect than that.

    How many other pseudonymns does this wonderful product have? and does anyone have the NSN and designation to be recorded here for posterity?
  15. Please note, it's a quote from Jeremy Clarkson, hence the invert commas and therefore the gaffer reference.
    B21A DE 0A INT QRM 555 KK