The White Mountains - Tripods Trilogy

I read this series when I was at school and absoloutely loved it, so when I saw it recently on Amazon I had to buy it for my son. So for the last couple of nights I've been reading it to him, and I'm glad to say that it's still just as good a story as it was 30 years ago!

It's the story of a young boy in England about 100 years after a successful invasion by the Tripods (a bit of an alternate ending to War of the Worlds).

Does anyone hear remember the series 'The White Mountains', 'The City of Gold and Lead' and 'The Pool of Fire' ? I believe it was made into a TV series as well, but I never saw it myself.

Link to the first book on Amazon:



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I remember this from when I was a kid. I saw the first two series but I don't think the third ever made it to the screen. A few years ago I bought the set of four books (including a 'how it all began' novel) for my son. I read them after him...

As a kid I became a fan of John Christopher. I loved 'Empty World', a story about a group of kids who wake up to find that everyone has died...
Yes... this was shown on TV many years ago, and watched it avidly. I was hoping that the Film producers would make a final series on the 'White Mountain'. Not sure if it was ever produced in VHS or DVD format.


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Great series.

The BBC made it into 2 series covering the first two books before it was cancelled.

You can get it still on DVD or you can find the whole two series on youtube.

Would also recommend his Prince in Waiting Series
John Christopher's masterpiece The Death Of Grass was recently reprinted and is avaliable on Amazon

It's a haunting story of a worldwide famine caused by a virus destroying cereral crops . A book I will never ever forget
Cheers everyone! I've never read any of his other stuff, it sounds very interesting though. I'll have to take a look on Amazon.



It was a crying shame that the TV series ended when it did. I recently bought the DVDs and enjoyed every minute of them. I'm definitely going to buy the books when I've got through the stack of unread literature I've somehow amassed in the last couple of weeks..Pull up a Sandbag first of course.


Parts of it were filmed at Alan 'Shagger' Clarke's stately home, and I believe the actress playing the girl given to the Tripods was killed in a road traffic accident. Perhaps that's partly why the series stopped. I seem to recall Stasi-style 'Black Guards' in the TV thing that I didn't remember from the book, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

It was a long time ago that I read them.


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Blimey that's a blast from the past. I too remember reading the books as a kid - very good, real page turners. Don't remember the TV series though.

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