The white lanyard...again !

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ZEMTEX, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. So we all know why we wear the white lanyard etc, but why is 3 RHA still not wearing one ?
    Is there a known reason for them not wearing one ?
    Any ideas or facts on this one.......
  2. "The white lanyard...again !"? As has been said of many things, 'There lies the road to unhappieness'.

    You start a thread with that title for what ever reason, no matter how well intentioned and it becomes a target for any Wedgie, or any other Regt or Corps for that matter, who has a downer on the 'Planks', and they just drop in to wind you up and take the pizz. Happened before and it'll be the same this time.
  3. Then i hope one of them can come up with an answer so i can gain my prize of £50.....because i recons there is no reason why 3 RHA shouldnt wear a white lanyard....

    But running away from the guns, other none RA taking over the guns etc...and thats why they wear the white is balux !
  4. I agree, like a lot of old military legends, a load of rubbish just to wind you up.