The "White House Iraq Group"

The linked article says that the White House organized a "White House Iraq Group" with the purposes of (1) convincing public opinion that the Saddam Hussein regime was a real military threat to the United States and (2) intimidating or neutralizing people who said otherwise.

The members, it is said, were: Karl Rove (said by some to be the brains behind Pres. Bush), Lewis "Scooter" Libby, V-P Cheney's chief of staff, Karen Hughes, a long-term member of Pres. Bush's inner circle and, lately, Assistant Secretary of State for something-or-other, Mary Matalin, career Republican Party person who used to write speeches for George H.W. Bush, Sr.,, James Wilkinson, , Nicholas Calio, Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor and now Secretary of State, and Stephen Hadley.

Judith Miller is a New York Times reporter. She wrote a series of wildly inaccurate articles trumpeting White House allegations about Saddam Hussein's nuclear bomb program and hostile intentions toward the United States. She was recently jailed for refusal to answer questions, posed before Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury, about the source from which she heard that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent.

The "White House Iraq Group," it is said, used Ms. Miller as a conduit for planting Iraq information (or disinformation?) regarding Iraq.

"Prez Iraq Team Fought To Squelch Iraq Critics" by James Gordon Meek and Kenneth R. Bazinet. 19 October 2005

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