The When we was in .......... thread.

Just been reading through Biscuits posts re. Bars, and some of the other threads like haunted Kasernes etc. Some of them are bloody good.

So I thought, why not have a thread devoted entirely to 'When we was in Bielefeld, Munster,Paderborn, Hong Kong, Caribbean etc etc etc'

The post doesn't have to be about a specific subject , it could be about Barracks life, or exercises or bars or training or anything related.

One stipulation, your anecdotes must pre-date handing Hong Kong back , so let's say 1997. Preference given to BAOR stories, early NI and garrisons long gone or forgotten.

Note, this thread will be heavily moderated, so if you want to make a 'witty' off topic comment , don't post, it'll only get culled.

'There' does include PB's and civilian workers attached though.

In your own time , go on.
Good grief guys and girls come on.

By "witty off topic" comments , I meant "you weren't there, and why are you talking about something totally unrelated, as this is Ein Koenig unter den threads" That's what's going to get culled, the bone stuff that spoils Naafi threads....

Please get those stories in :cry:
Was this when you threw your kit back over the wire in a bin bag and went E+E? 8O You only ever hinted at that episode , come on spill and get it rolling :D


It was a dark, dark, lonely night and the full moon shon through the window illuminating Cell No 4, at the ********** Barracks Guardroom. Lights out had been enforced at 9 pm and Prisoner Biscuits had long since smoked his last tab.

As he lay there debating with himself as to whether he should go to sleep or have another w*nk, Biscuits heard a jingling sound coming from the other side of the cell door. As he turned to face the door, the noise grew louder and Prisoner Biscuits could hear the muffled giggling of drunken men. "Christ, I hope that's not the Provo Staff intent upon buggering me in my sleep" he thought . The giggling grew louder and a key was placed into the cell door lock. As the key turned, the door opened and the light from the cell block corridor flooded the interior of Biscuits' cell. The swaying silhouettes of two men filled the doorway.........."Biscuits! It's us....", called a slurred Glaswegian accent, "C'moan pahl, yer free!" "F*ck off you mad c*nts" came the response. "You'll get locked up, the pair of you" . "Naw big man, we'll no get caught, they're aw in the rest room watching porn, come oan man, git oot yer scratcher and come wi us".

As Biscuits rose from the bed, his attention was drawn to the sound of the other man pissing against the wall in the cell bock corridor. "We've been doon the Strip man, it wuz pure dead brillyunt, so it wuz"..............
There's a bar/restaurant in Arusha, Tanzania, called the Whenwe Bar. Guess why.

Bloody yarpies.
i can remember getting crashed out in barker barracks in Paderborn.As normal everyone knew we were gettin crashed out sometime in the week.The whole of C Sqn 3RTR were of course at our normal haunt at Bad Driburg in a disco called "Reginas" which was 25 k's from Paders.Someone in the camp phoned the disco and we all arrived back at camp pissed as normal.Where the regt got crashed out on to a FTX,driving a chieftain up to the harz mountains while under the influence.U couldn't do that now.


How about holding the steering wheel of the one tonner whilst the driver throws up beer and bratty out of his window whilst in convoy to Denmark!

Ahhh Those were the days.
Much humour when we were in Fally - but the best memories:

1. Party in full swing, subbies and girls at different ends of room suitably ignoring each other - one of the girls decides to break the ice and sidles over just as we're discussing going to the Pink House. She tries to break into the conversation thinking we're going clubbing when the senior subbie goes; 'sorry love, this party's sh1t we going whor ing.'

2. ffwd to party 5 years later when subbies are trying or arrange party and no girls will come over - why not 'because last time you went whor ing and left us in the bar.' oops!

3. Local mayor comes around to tell us all about how Fally was PW camp during WW2 and starts it off with the classic: 'my father died in a prisoner of war camp - he was drunk and fell out of the guard tower.'
Pukin out the window??.....How about driving the RSM in a 1 tonne through a orchard at night and while he has his head out the window knocking him out cold on a low branch??LMAO

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