The Wheatcroft Collection


I've found the pics on OneDrive, but sadly failed to crossload to Arrse. I'll try again later whilst sat at PC. Coincidentally, the upload date is November 2013.
Crap Santa BTW



Whereas this one seems to have Scorpion turret. Octagonal with 76mm gun.
Its like they just wacked on whatever was lying around the garage :)
That's the APG one. Bits of the KT were there, but haven't seen the WC T1.

When I took the photos I was asked not to say anything. But as you say that was years ago, and it's all in the public domain now. The Wheatcroft guys are as straight as they come, so the press release rings true to me.
I remember this well. The whole thing very quickly became a smear campaign by the jealous once word got out. Those types were a big part of the reason the arrangement was kept quiet in the first place.
So true, I was sworn to secrecy when I took the photos. It was all getting somewhat out of hand.


Did someone say Tiger
Ive a fair bit more

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