The West Midlands - Unique Training Opportunities

I think the MOD is missing a trick in that it sends HM soldiers all over the world on expensive training packages when the future of the might be .....

The West Midlands - bespoke Training for the Hard up, ill equipped and underfunded!

1. Riot Training in and Around Handsworth - remember the 80's

2. A "Know your Enemy" bus tour consisting of free entry to the Saddam Hussain Mosque, followed by buffet lunch with our Taliban friends from Tipton.

3. FIBUA around the Sparkhill-istan training area, also including open sewer familiarisation. What better almost in-theatre training could the MOD provide whilst still giving the most drunken squaddie a decent curry at 4am!

4. A comprehensive range package around Aston.

5. Map reading and Astro navigation around Spaghetti junction.

6. EOD for beginners - lets face it, it's only a matter of time before the New Bullring starts to look like the Old one!

7. Interrogation and Integrity instruction Courtesy of the West Midland Police.

The potential for the West Widlands is boundless .... any further ideas???
3. FIBUA around the Sparkhill-istan training area

If only you were joking. It's frigging Al-Qaeda central round there . Them pictures of OBL strolling, must have ben taken in Sparkhill Park.

The bloody nerve centre for those Magnificent 19 Tossers, is bang on top of it.
and should you run out of free fire zones in birmingham you could always travel down the M54 and use Telford, just think of the town planning you could do with a regt of mlrs? and aesthetically you could only improve the fookin' place. Just make sure Donnington gets a proper blattering!

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