The West flirts with Belorussian dictator Lukashenko

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. It looks as Washington has lost any hope to instigate the next colour revolution in Belarus 0in this case likely potato revolution) and thus decided to use the carrot instead of the stick

    But it seems to me that the West underestimes mr.Lukashenko. He is not a simpleton at all.

    I suspect that mr.Lukashenko awaits no less than personal invitation from HM.
  2. Washington??? EU-summit?
    Are you waiting for the off for your: Czechs/Poles are US-puppets rant?
    G'd you are dull...
  3. It's just struck me the K-Street branding was actually crazily aromatic, like the mad, bad perfume adverts that fade after Xmas.

    Considering that Rosey Georgia, Orangey Ukraine and Cedary Lebanon revolutions are now rank with foul stench of abject failure DC's embrace of cynical 21st Century real politik looks rather prudent.
  4. Thank you dear friend. You have mentioned the most important point.

    Exactly. Recently mr.Obama urged the EU to accept Turkey. But what is the connection between Washington, Turkey and the EU? It exists. Mr.Obama made his statement bearing in mind strategic geopolitical interests.

    Previously they (I mean the rulers) were Soviet puppets. Now current powerkeepers are American puppets. Big deal.

    Yes, ideed it is a dull business to discuss puppets. But this thread is about mr.Lukashenko who is not 100% Kremlin's puppet, far from it. And any attempts to make him Washington puppet will fail.
  5. And why should the West be interested in a little tin pot dictator in an insignificant land, or does Belarus have oil or gas?
  6. It shows Obama as a politician. Good news.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Like we care. Czech Republic is only good for whores and weekends on the lash in Prague, even thats expensive these days, and Mr Lukashe... who?
  9. Thank you for a good question.

    We see now the big geoplitical struggle between Russia and our American friends. Let's recall recent events: the war in Georgia, planned closure of the base in Kyrgtzstan. And why do you think mr.Obama supports Turkish membership in the EU? It would simplify the Nabucco project that potentially could weaken Russia's geopolitical advantages.

    So Balarus is important for Washington as a tool for geopolitical pressure against Moscow. Washington tries to stimulate pres.Lukashenko to distance himself from the Kremlin.
  10. parapauk, please... It's not even funny...
  11. Only because on your planet the place is being run be nazis.
  12. :? :lol: