The Welsh dont like spotty dicks in their mouths!!

Point 1. Old news and has been discussed.
Point 2. Believe this happened in England a few years ago (Tyneside? Can't remember now)
Point 3. You may want to slag the Welsh off because that's what you want to do. But there are many more things to do that than this piece of non-news.
Point 4. What happens to coq-au-vin, cock-a-leekie? And surely have a "Richard" to eat would be far worse than a spotted dick.
Point 5. Stop reading the Daily Mail.
Point 6. Being English, you have nothing to boast about. How is life in the Jihadic Republic nowadays? Any country that has Leicester, Bradford and Birmingham within their borders has no right to slag off any other nation.
apparently when the fre... fren.... frogs arrived circa 1066 the locals had to suck some dubious genitals. allegedly

after all the french had been chasing camels in north africa for some time. allegedly.

but who gives a frog, at least we (welsh sheep shaging society) have **** on toast (aka cardiff virgin). what have the engerlish ?.

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