The Welsh are great people, but....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bodmin-Bill, May 4, 2005.

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  1. .....couldn`t resist this pic ( no offence),

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  2. Well that was really worth doing wasn't it?

    You must be one of the few people in the world who have noticed that languages sound impenetrable if you don't speak them.

    Well done.
  3. Well, perhaps you are right on reflection,
    it made me laugh when I first saw it.

    But then I am not "normal" anyway, ask my doctor! :?

    Nurse, nurse, more screens! 8O

  4. This chap however has taken offence!
    [​IMG] and will be round to see you :lol:
  5. Good one Bill...I went to Wales once....dreadful place full of the Welsh..all moaning and whining, still I suppose they have a use....for the life of me I can't think of what.
  6. We are a buffer between you and the bog trotters; when they get ideas above their station and invade the UK they will have to trundle across Wales before they hit Shropshire. I gather they are still rather upset about not getting involved in the Second World War...
  7. Wales and Cornwall have always been friendly rivals.

    OK Galgenberg! The Cornish Pasties will be ready and waiting!

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  8. Dear MODS
    Could we put this in the Naafi where it belongs? It might get ugly. I for one will be fcuked if I'm going to take sh1t from an ex-rock ape WALT!

    Twll din bob Saes.

    Oh, and Armourer:

    Cay dy geg, a dos i ffwcio dy gath i fyny'r pen ol
  9. Speak the Queen's english fool and be done speaking in tongues! :wink:
  10. Hey crabtastic,

    Mebyon Kernow

    Bill :D

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  11. well cay dy geg means shut yer mouth, but I'm lost at the rest of crabs dribble.

    When Maggie shut down the mines, she should have chucked all the Welsh down them beforehand and sealed the fcukers up :D
  12. I have the capability to do so, indeed it is my first language. Unfortunately there is no way the kind of language I used above would be tolerated by the Moderators in the Int Cell forum.

    PM me if you want a translation. I can even equip you with a handy little phrasebook for your next trip to Sennybridge or Snowdonia. It'll catch the Gogs off guard.
  13. Any other Cornishmen out there?

    (Cornwall, land of the REAL Celts and Druids) 8)

  14. Try this one then:

    Mae gen ti cont mawr drewllyd a fronnau flewog. :wink:

    Trust me, you'll get bored before I run out of phrases...

    Bodmin Bill?
    How many toes? What arrangement are they in? 6/5 or the 7/4 combo? :D
  15. They're for the English to practise on before they invade Scotland. :twisted: