The Welsh (and others) must not be called British.


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Fuck em! There all a bunch of half-caste spastic British sheep shaggers anyway!
I am British and doubly fortunate because I am also Welsh.

There are only eighty minutes of each year when I am solely Welsh and they are either at Cardiff or Twickenham!
Wales rugby legend Gareth Edwards, who won 53 caps for Wales and 10 for the British Lions, agreed, saying: "This is political correctness gone absolutely mad.

"I'm very proud to be Welsh and if anybody asks me where I'm from, I'll say Wales. But I'm also British and I've played for the British Lions and I'm very proud of that as well. I have no issue with being called British, none whatsoever."

Well said that man. I trust Caerphilly council will not be watching or supporting the Lions on their tour of South Africa next year!
Will you all leave our pink track suit wearing PC mad poof alone .


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I fogot to mention inbred!


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geraintpillock said:

Welsh and British. Just not English.

Randy Ron's involved. Why am I not surprised at this "serious lapse of judgement" as a result?
We wouldn't want you lot.
Next they will want to call us all europeans.
when you see Ron jogging up Cefn Mably road on a Sunday in his pink trakky you just can never take him seriously in any way again
Scottish AND British.

From, in the language of the Britons, Ystradclud (Strathclyde), and more definatively Llanarch (Lanark) ! The Kingdom of Strathclyde was over run by the Northumbrian Ingli (English). BUT the English were NEVER BRITONS, but did become British with the rest of us under the Act of Union 1707.
@secondmanin: Because it's great being able to give the welsh a damn good kicking.

Edited as I am a spellingmong.
As a taff I find there are more important issue's to worry about....The price of fags and beer are horrendous.
B_AND_T said:
Fuck em! There all a bunch of half-caste spastic British sheep shaggers anyway!
Always proud of my service in The British Army,[9 years Royal Engineers].
When asked my nationality I always answer British/Welsh,you Arrsehole!
England, Ireland, Scottland and Wales make up GREAT BRITAIN. Therefore WE are all BRITISH.
Those who have a British passport, but were born else where, claim all the benefits when it suits them. Then preach against out way of life and fail to integrate.

PS: I always though Wales was a county?????


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