The Welsh 3000ers

I'm aiming to try and do the Welsh 3000ers later this week (probably Thursday but the weather looks a bit pants).

Experience says that it's a bit of a tall order to crack it in a single day, so I may just do the Snowdon to Ogwen Valley bit. Anyone want to join me (and a couple of the lads from work)?My provisional plan is to get dropped off at Pen y Pass and go up Snowdon the Crib Goch way - then do the route South-to-North.

Not yet sure whether to stay overnight, since we'll be chinstrapped when we finish. I intend to go at a decent pace, purely cos it's a challenge rather than a leisurely day in the hills, however if we finish at Ogwen (the A5 near Tryfan) there should be plenty of time and we shouldn't need to rip the arrse out of it. Might try and get driver to do drop off and pick up while we sleep on the way back in the evening.

Volunteers PM me and I'll update you further. Smithie - further to your PM - if you can get to a train station somewhere between the midlands and N wales then we could probably pick you up.

A word of warning - BBC Weather says it's going to be a stinker!
For anyone wishing to be a little more ambitious.

My plan is to spend Wednesday night at Pen-y-Pass YHA, meet up with Cardinal Sin early on Thursday, walk Thursday, spend the night at Idwal Cottage YHA, and then walk the rest of the 3000ers on Friday, coming off at Llanfairfechen in time to catch the bus to Bangor and spend the night at the YHA there (or, alternately and weather-dependent, to bivvy somewhere around the Drum and then to come off on Saturday morning for the trip into Bangor.)

Pen-y-Pass is easily accessible via public transport from either Bangor or Betws-y-Coed, and just a short walk from Llanberis - PM me if you need details.

If anyone wants to come along on Friday and knock all the 3000ers off, they'd be very welcome.

edit: weather report: Thursday looks to be shitty as, but Friday should be a lot nicer.


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