The Wedding Night

At the age of eighty, Jim was married to Lucy, a lovely twenty seven year old redhead.
Lucy decided that they should sleep in separate rooms in case the old fellow tried too hard to have sex and had a heart attack, or at the very least exhausted himself.
On the night, they went to their rooms and Lucy undressed and waited up in bed in case Jim should appear. Sure enough, she was hardly in bed when he knocked on the door, entered the room and her bed and proceeded to give her wonderful sex. She was fulfilled and amazed at his stamina as she led him back to his room and said goodnight.
As she was about to go to the bathroom, a knock came on the door and Jim entered again, fully ready for action. They coupled again and it was as good as before and then some. Lucy said goodnight again and off he went. She walked back into her room, shaking her head in disbelief and was tapped on the shoulder by Jim who had followed her back. They went at it again..and again and it was Lucy who was finally getting exhausted. She said goodnight once more and said to him at her door. "Jim, you are a truly amazing lover, you never seem to tire and you've satisfied me over and over again, but now I must get some rest, goodnight one last time."
Jim was a bit embarrassed and said. "Do you mean I've been here
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