The webtex washbag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. i think its pretty good but theres no where to put a towl.
  2. real soldiers dont use them as they dont wash in the field, it helps them naturalise with the environment, Next time you go on camp dont take any toothpaste or soap with you, as the tracker dogs can pick up on the sent wheras animal musk (sweat) is a natural odour meaning you will do better at cadet E&E exercises.

    It is a little known fact that the hereford gun club hide in bushes at nescliffe and watch cadets in the field, to work out who to recruit to SAS juniors, the "eliter" junior squadron of especially small soldiers used in drain/sewer and cave fighting!

    You never know 5.56 you might get noticed, if you wear a pair of thigh high patent leather combat boots and an all arms bergen with a 58 pattern sleeping bag leaking feathers from it, sticking out of the top, they will invite you back to selection before your first pube shows.
  3. I think 5.56 has a point. I used to encourage all my soldiers to shower and shave before they went into combat. That way they looked really smart and impressed the enemy.

    I've never seen the Webtex washbag, but so long as it's in dpm, it's bound to be great. You should never put your towel in with your wash kit though, haven't they taught you that yet?

    What do you keep in your washbag? My mum always makes me take shampoo and conditioner, shaving foam, soap and a hairbrush.


    Note to self: only post when soberish.
  4. I think the webtex washbag is DPM.

    unlike the less succesful BHS washbag. In the Falklands we suffered huge casualties due to peoples admin kit being too brightly coloured. When advancing on GG and stopping to have a combat shit shower and shave. the otherwise perfect camoflague of the advancing forces was destroyed by the plain olive drab colour of the washbags on issue.

    Webtex have corrected this and as a result it is now possible to carry out personal admin within 15 feet of an argentinian sniper before the rattle of a YKK zip gives away your position.

    Remember chaps - Wash, wash in the presence of the enemy, but wash in low visibility colour schemes or you could get shot!
  5. I do'nt think 5.56 can spell IRR. :lol:
  6. It isnt IRR, after it was dicovered that in the midst of naked flesh, descented soap suds, Mirrors and warm pans of shaving water, the IRR washbag stood out as a dark shadow in the otherwise brightly lit field bathroom!

    Remember the art of camoflague is to blend in - hence the washbag will glow under image intensifiers in the same way as the hairless wonder using it!
  7. I've had some trouble locating DPM soap, I managed to buy some, but dropped it. Ever since then tactical washing has been a problem.

    Has anyone else had their entire body tatooed in DPM, or is it just me?
  8. Ive got a DPM bellend! that way when I piss on exercise I wont get my willy shot off by a Sniper!
  9. Don't forget to apply local foliage and keep changing it as you move from one area to another. Take a tip, avoid nettles.

    (Your snipers use live ammo on exercise? - oooh, scarey!)
  10. Im not taking any risks with my John Thomas!
    I still reckon blank would hurt your todger!

    Especially if the sniper was really close and I hadnt noticed him...............if he was hiding.... in a washbag!
  11. would he need a second washbag to cover the BFA? does a BFA even fit into one of the handy elastic straps inside the wasbag and if so do you leave your shampoo or conditioner at home??
  12. I don't think that 5.56 needs that or a razer yet! Bless
  13. Evidently you leave the shaving foam at home.

    and use DPM tape to cam up the BFA!