The Weasel Cameron.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by clever_teacher_lady, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. clever_teacher_lady

    clever_teacher_lady Swinger Book Reviewer

    So is David Cameron going to manage to crawl as far up Obama's arse as Blair did with Bush? He has certainly got off to a good start stickin it to the Jocks with it 'wisna me that let that bastard Magrahi go it wiz them....
  2. Problem is, there is a ring of truth about that statement. Scotland wanted to big it up on the world stage.
  3. clever_teacher_lady

    clever_teacher_lady Swinger Book Reviewer

    Magrahi was released on compassionate grounds as per Scottish law, not really a case of biggin it up on the world stage, simply following recognised protocol. Cameron should respect and support this as despite what many Jocks feel we are still the same country. Hence my feeling that Cameron is stickin it to the Jocks to crawl up Obama.
  4. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yet another one over-obsessing about our relationship with the US are we:

    David Cameron: don't obsess about US-UK special relationship | Politics | The Guardian

  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I think it more a matter of sticking it to the last government and he did say at the time that it was a bad decision.

    The Scottish Government fucked up and it does no harm to admit as such. It was an insult to the relatives of the victims and they got no consideration whatsoever from the Scottish Law Minister.

    This stupid decision pissed off a hell of a lot of septics and Cameroon is just trying a damage limitation exercise IMO.

    Good luck to him.
  6. I'm not too bothered about him sucking up to the President after all Cameron will want many things that the President can either provide or deny him. What twists my scrot is when Cameron says he doesn't have time to talk to congressmen and a few hours later is, what a pussy.
  7. Bit unfortunate the way things have panned out since, though, isn't it? Megrahi was released on a 3-month-to-go chit in Aug 09, and he's still on the go now (some 11 months later). I think that the right thing was done in that if they genuinely thought he had that little time left (and that was in the opinion of 3 independent oncologists, if what I read was correct. It'll be interesting to see when he does pop his clogs though....!!!!
  8. Is he going to push as hard to find out who actually did it or is he just frantically snatching for headlines in the US press?
  9. I think that if he had stayed in prison he would have died by now. The sweet taste of freedom can give the very sick a new lease of life. Ronnie Biggs proved that. I think the Scottish Parliament made a just and fair decision given the information they were; in all things there should be compassion.
    In the case of Cameron he should have consulted with his Scottish counterparts to ascertain exactly why the decision was made and should have done his best to get their point, or at least their reasoning, across. He can still say that it was a decision he wasn't comfortable with but it was the Scottish Parliament's decision to make, not his. Since we share foreign policy and Westminster takes precedence on that we would have done better to present a united front.
    This is all about getting at BP who the Senate seems to think are behind the release, will we be hearing about the BP plot to assassinate JFK next?
    As there were US victims it is only fair for the US to make representations to the Scottish Courts but they do not control any British Parliament nor do they decide our law.
  10. No according to Dr Jim Swire on local news earlier on.

    Of course he isn't going to go for an inquiry. The Americans don't want one either. There are too many things they don't want to come out.
  11. Probably not a good idea to open that can of worms since it could well lead to Eyeran. That's one conspiracy theory at least.

  12. Or the CIA paying witnesses:

    Former State Department lawyer Michael Scharf confirmed that rewards were paid in the context of the Lockerbie trial.

    '"I knew that rewards payments were made, but not the amount. The Awards for Terrorism Information program has been around since the 1980s, and has been expanded to rewards for information leading to the arrest or conviction of international indicted war criminals like Karadzic and Mladic. When I worked at the Office of the Legal Adviser of the State Department I was involved in the program."
  13. How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event. Linky.
  14. More of a stoat I think.

    I'm impressed, this was a very fair impression of dear old Mr Tony's well honed POTUS rimming skills.
  15. You are Gordon Brown and I claim my 50 pence!