The Wearing of Medals

The thread on the "IRA Medal" confused me a bit, but also made me curious so I wonder if anyone can give me some help on this one.
On Rememberence Sundays, I wear my father's medals (from WWII) on my right breast. Would I also be allowed to wear my grandfather's medals (from WWI) too?
I'd probably remove the "Black and Tan Medal" (which also sports the "COMRAC" bar) to avoid controversy, but what's the score on wearing them at all?
Anyone know?

I have in the past seen chaps wearing two sets on the right, both father and grandfather's.

Personally I do not see a major problem with it on Rememberence Day, though with the amount of medals being currently issued some poor chap will need some serious reinforcement on his jacket if he wants to wear everyone's
The wearing of medals is a real minefield. But, their are at least three good books that I know of that are the 'bible' so to speak on this subject. They are;

1. Medals will be worn by Lt Col Ashley Tinson. (Token Publishing 1999)
2. Spink's Guide to the wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals (Spink 1990)
3. Wearing your medals in civilan clothes by Lt Col Ashley Tinson (Token Publishing 2003)

Hope this helps,
I don't know the guide lines . however
if I was in civilian clothing I would wear both sets , they were earned by being there and should be proudly worn in their honour.

I dont know about the rest of you but if your in civvies and your family members has been given them wear the gong's. Let the world know that you are proud and that their not forgotten. better on someones chets than in a box in the loft gathering dust

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