The weakness of Southampton

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by scrotty, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Not wanting to start inter uni, or inter OTC war, so i give you the chance to defend yourself. My case is as follows. On a recent Wales UOTC SMP course carried out in the delights of Snowdonia we met a large group of students on a geography field trip in a local hotel. Of course we were all rather happy with this discovery because the local girls were all too young. however, after the first night of meeting them we were sorely dissappointed. Most ppl, after a long coach trip all the way from southampton to a little vilage in wales, would be glad to stretch their legs drink alot and burn off the excess energy. In fact im shocked that they didn't arrive drunk. I know that the geography unit has nothing to do with the OTC however there were a few members of the southampton OTC their (you know who you are) and even they were quiet and subdued. We never saw them out at any other pub and we never saw any of them loud, rowdy, drunk or generally acting like students should. which was a shame cos there were quite a few attractive girls that we wanted to feed vodka to until they passed out and were incapapble of saying no :? .anyway, this rant is aimed at the southampton OTC, and especially the few that were on that trip, are you all as boring as this all the time, or had you just been warned against the hard-drinking rowdyness of Aber Coy WUOTC? time to hear the defence's case

    rant over
  2. you are a ****
  3. Lets not forget that you are all a shower of students... silly boy.

    Must be bored and looking for a bite
  4. I agree Vonshot. Very very bored.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone from Southampton UOTC bite. Maybe they will be intelligent and not bother :roll:
  5. All that education we're paying for, and they don't know the difference between their and there!!!

  6. Makes me laugh how students (especially OTC) are hard core hell raisers. Go to a germany posted armoured engineer sqn bar on a Friday night. Hell any night or any engr sqn bar for that matter. Nows thats hard core. The male students would be under the table by 6 and the female students would be being spit roasted on top of the tables. Students, I shit em!
  7. Got it in one. however, it will be interesting to see if anybody from southampton bite. regards the spelling, i was rather hungover and i noticed it when i read through but couldn't be arrsed to change it. maybe i should do my winding up elsewhere :wink:
  8. Maybe you should... like in your own bedroom in front of the mirror - come back when you think you're good at it.
  9. ok ok - calm down.put in my place and quietly slinking away to a dark corner. :oops:
  10. So we are all agreed, Southampton should disband in disgrace?
  11. eand were you on ex brief encounter I forget?
  12. PERSEC old chap, PERSEC - wouldnt want to ignore arrse's rules on PERSEC now would we :wink:. No mate I wasn't.
  13. Everything from Scumhampton is $hite!
  14. Let me get this straight.

    Southampton has an OTC?

    Never heard of them. What do they win?

  15. alot it turns out they are "badgeriffic" yes its an OTC in-joke bring on the regs for a bash.