The Way To Iraq

Afterburner said:
Can't get it as site bandwidth limit has been exceeded. Any other sources?
Ditto :(
Fear ye not people, Ghostie to the rescue!!

Ghostie's ftp site

Go for a wander to the link above!

Word of warning - the file is about 52MB, so it may take a while!!

not 'The Way to Amarillo' and no British Army

but thanks anyway GR - good all the same
I know, that's the only one I've got so far. If anyone out there has got the Amarillo clip, let me know and I'll get it uploaded next to the Kosovo one. Best I can do for the moment, but hope to keep you all amused nevertheless :wink:

File is being uploaded to a server with no bandwidth restrictions. Feel free to take the credit for it all!! It will be on my FTP site, or just click on my www link below. It may take a while to upload, but it'll be there soon :lol:


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