The way our Army treats its soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. In all fairness, he did chose to leave though.
  2. Someone should have told this para that he was doing a second duty. That is, he was selected to be a scapegoat for political ends so that the "powers that be" can report they are acting beyond reproach.

    That they are not soldiering out of control, mistreating prisioners, breaching rights and so forth.

    I hope now he is able to write a book, or do something, to get some sort of closure (and cash) from the experience.
  3. Is there a case for constructive dismissal?
  4. Wait a second here, do we have all the information?

    Was he a trained and authorised interrogator? Anyone who's been involved with the enemy in Afghanistan knows that they cannot question or interrogate prisoners unless trained and authorised.

    If he was disciplined for ignoring this regulation then that is right and proper.
  5. Don't forget, the 'Army' doesn't treat soldiers badly. It can't, because the 'Army' is an organisation, comprised of systems and policies created and inplemented by individuals of varying rank, experience and knowledge. Therefore the question should be 'do the individuals in the Army care about their soldiers?'.

    This constant Blaming of the Army annoys me when in reality it's poor decisions by those in it that are to blame.

    Anyway, as someone said above we probably don't have all the info. People don't press for charges for no reason.
  6. It does state that he was a trained TQ, Dingerr
  7. Like the newspaper story says, it's all about Political correctness today.....Sad but true!
  8. The Army as to investigate complaints fairly and look at both sides of the story and as to act sensitively with regards to allegations made by both sides .
  9. Oh Chubb is here to save the day, praise be.
  10. Have you read any of the articles relating to the incident?
  11. It's Chubb, ignore.
  12. The point that I was trying to make was that the judge threw it out of court, surely the CO should have done the same. We had this fiasco with Mendonca a few years back and even 40 years ago with Wilford. COs need to start taking responsibility once in a while.
  13. That would require a level of moral courage though. The CO should have told Army Legal to park it.
  14. We are all just a number.....