The wasted youth of today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fastmedic, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. My day has not gone well for many reasons. Driving in horrid weather conditions from Netheravon this morning at sparrows chirp was a nut crunching experience. Not to be repeated!

    To get to the meeting venue in cantral London only to find that the meeting had been cancelled last night and no one told me......Thanks Kathleen :pissedoff:

    Hacked off to the high port I decided to do my shopping at the local Sainsburys and feel as though something constructive had happened.

    Shopping in hand I am struggling to the car, bags in both hands and car keys in the gob. SMACK!! I am hit with a snowball in the back of the head.......keys almost need a surgeon to extract them and bags fall to the deck.

    I turn around to see the chav and typical brain donor that has come to represent the dribbly dicked youth of today laughing at the antics he caused.

    I am by nature not a violent man........after all I am a medic, however my day had taken it's toll on me and the red mist ensued.

    I double timed it to the pillock and he had just realised what was going on and next thing he is floored with resplendent facial injuries. Good shot I thought.......however the kicking that followed to this prat made me feel better. Shoppers watched while I vented my spleen on the sad excuse for a human and shouted "Not so funny now is it?" I felt like a new man possessed by the devil.

    The bad news.........he had a dental plate fitted...result? One badly lacerated set of knuckles and a fractured little pinky :thumbdown:

    I have just left the A & E of my local hospital and still feel that it was worth it. Maybe he will think twice before doing that again, or maybe he likes pain and suffering?

    I'm going to have a malt to keep out the cold and kill the pain in my mitt.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You naughty, naughty man!

    FFS, it was only a snowball. Thank your lucky stars he didn't stab you, steal your shopping and your car and then kill someone with it.

    How old was he BTW? If he was over 16, then good drills, otherwise, have a word with yourself you big bully you.
  3. :applaud: Out feckin standing Fastmedic. Now if more people did that to the little chav bastages, they'd maybe start to get the message.

    My compliments fella, hope your hand gets better soon.
  4. Well done mate.

    Regardless of his age he required a good hiding. Next time make sure you actually kill one of the cnuts and remove them permanently from the gene pool.
  5. Cheers guys, the malt and pills are doing a good job. Don't normally partake of the grain at this time of day, however it was not a normal day.

    The scrote was about 18-20 and I'm glad that his mother loves him because as sure as hell I don't!

    I'm a little bit shocked at myself. Probably one of the meekest and non-confrontational medics in the northern hemisphere and I was forced to violence. Prozac next then Big Brother for me!!

  6. Most of the medics I know are beer drinking, whore shagging, borderline psychotics so nice to see you reverting to type fastmedic.

    Pity you didn't slot the little scrote!
  7. The thing with most of these little tossers is they gob it to all and sundry, thinking they are hard in front of their mates, but when the tables turn and people go for them they sh1t themselves.

    My missus's daughters boyfriend is like that. 19 and thinks he's god's gift to hardmen, was gobbing out the bedroom window onto the patio. I told him to come and clean it and he got cocky until I threatened to come up and throw him out the window and use his hair to clean it. Now he avoids me. Tosser. Its all the thick fecks understand. :threaten:
  8. Whilst I can't condone violence in any form, he obviously deserved it.

    You're my hero today. As I mentioned earlier, ahem, I encountered some youths thowing snowballs at my car as I was driving under a bridge on the M11 this morning. In retrospect, I feel I should have come off at the next exit, found that bridge and played a game of chicken with them. Don't think they'd find RTAs so funny then.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The age changes everything. Good drills, well done, give that man a choccy biscuit. Sorry to hear about your hand.
  10. I have to say the older I get, the more difficulty I have in dealing with village idiots.

    Anyone else experienced much the same? Am I alone in being a boring and socially violent old b@stard?

  11. I see you're not much given to sweeping generalisations then? :thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft:


    PS. I'm also an ex-Medic.
  12. Well done that man!

    Next time run him over on the way out of the carpark!
  13. I hate chavs like the best of them, I live in Blackpool for gods sake and we have a chav-house ratio of 2:1 minimum.

    However, a snowball in exchange for a kicking. Unfair I would say, a retaliatory strike of a snowball in the face from close quarters may have been better, with the obvious threat of actual violence should the conflict escalate.

    Something tells me that this story has been "flowered" a bit and maybe you are describing what you wanted to do as opposed to what actually happened. If it is as stated then I'm guessing it wont be too long until someone is knocking at your door and you are facing an assault charge.
  14. The wife caught me a fair surprise today.

    Little chav (17 or so) more or less set his dog (a sort of badly-brought-up Husky), on a woman's terrier. Terrier was game enough, but Husky picks him up and rags him. I'm sort of, you know, watching, like everyone else - and suddenly, in a deluge of fire and fury, Mrs. lastresort (all 45 kilos of her) is kicking the sh1te out of the Husky, and then without stopping for a reorg, exploits the breakthrough and goes for the chav! driving all before her, she then sits down, nodding graciously in acknowledgement of the round of applause from all present, finishes her coffee and it's like nothing ever happened.

    Back at the office now, I'm traumatised by the whole experience. Any suggestions on aids to recovery, moving forward... anyone had a similar experience?
  15. So, everyone who had a lousy wasted journey this morning is entitled to commit GBH on the first available Chav, causing two unnecessary visits to already busy A and E departments?

    Medic, heal thyself, then have a serious think about your behaviour.