The Washing Machine

Life was fairly uncivilised in the singlies block for 660 squadron at Soest. No washing machine, so the REME's and the Air Corps boys were reduced to doing all washing by hand.

An Ireland tour fixed the problem. At Kesh we had a washing room with a number of industrial washing machines that were the dogs doo dahs. As it happened the man with the account for the base was a good mate of the squadron SQMS. So over a bottle of whisky they made a very tiny change to some unimportant paper work. End result was on paper, 4 Field Workshops were deficient one washing machine and 660 had a surplus of one.The said item was de-plumbed and transferred to the hangar, stuck on a pallet and was in the process of being packed by a few shifty looking air techs when in walked the squadron OC Major H.

Whats this Corporal G? Don't know sir. OC, prodding said package, Looks like a washing machine Corporal G.
Does it sir (innocently). OC, I'm not supposed to know about this am I Corporal G? No Sir. Carry on Corporal G.

Was still working fine when I left Germany
Erhhhhhh, there was a laundrette on camp ffs ....even us bleeps worked that out :)
AAC ground crew arent the sharpest in the cutlery drawer, I got lots of Paddington Bear hard stares from them at breakfast for mollesting the local girls at the naafi bop in Brunei
I am talking about a period in time 10 years before you even joined up Daz.
Looked at your profile BC and read your past posts. "AAC ground crew aren't the sharpest". They should read some of your stuff to see where they are going wrong.

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