The Wars of the Roses


After reading Conn Iggulden's books on the wars of the roses. I would very much appreciate it if anyone could recommend good general history books covering said wars; as well as any books pertaining to Edward IV.
I've got that on my bookshelf, wifie bought it for me as it was on special (99p). Is it any good?


He's written two so far "Stormbird" and "Trinity" and I really enjoyed them.

If you like authors such as Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow; I'm sure you'd enjoy these books.
Long fiction list here:

A lot of it is a bit dated in style, and the dynastic politics of the day seem to have attracted a lot of people who like writing endless family sagas.(Although Wilbur Smith seems to have avoided putting his oar in.)

If you want straightforward history, there's an incredible amount out there.
Trevor Royle does a modern single volume, and Alison Weir is usually readable.

The problem is that the events in England get very mixed up with the Hundred Years War- It's difficult to track events in one without the other.

Daniel Hall started a series with 'Kemp', which was good and very Bernard Cornwall in style, on n archer under Edward III, did a half-hearted sequel, then seems to have stopped.

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