The Warriest trade?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Screw_The_Nut, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. (if "warry" is even a word)

    Someone, anyone, name the Int Corps trade which has the most time on the ground, regular (or at least occasional) visits to the two way range, and generally not sitting in an office all day long. Genuine question, from interested punter. Cheers.
  2. Should I be saying " Wah shields to max"...Or maybe popping some corn ?
  3. Transfer & join the infantry?
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  4. If 'warry' is what you're after why not go all in as an infanteer?
  5. As I understand it, those analysts deployed with the LEWT saw a fair bit of the ground.
    Linguists when (if ever) deployed potentially.
  6. The LEWTs in Afghan, that i came across, were all R Sigs. His was 2009.
  7. As I understand it, dingerr, the LEWT requires analysts, who are Corps badged. 14 Sigs certainly seems an interesting posting, even for me, who despises all signallers with unchecked fervour.
  8. Non-issue

    We all stand chance of getting killed. (fat civvy B@57@rds inCigar lounge included).


    Move on 2 next checkpoint in life.

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  9. Cut your teeth in the Int Corps then go SRR if that's your bag.

    Phone app signatures are ****!
  10. I'm not having a go at the Int Corps, by the way. Just perusing the various trades in the Army which I ignored as a sprog, that's all.
  11. Join the infantry, then when you want to settle down and drink Earl Grey in a nice warm office,
  12. Yes, of course, anyone who has the nouse to pass an Int Corps trade Course will no doubt jump at the chance to join the 'thick as mince' infantry.
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