Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by old_bloke, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. Good news for once.

    Ex-corporal Nigel Hounslow, 37, admitted giving 14-year-old Jamie Clark "a hiding" when he found him standing on his car. The boy was left with a badly bruised and grazed face and a swollen lip.

    Clark, wearing a baseball cap and hooded top, leapt on to the vehicle's wing - and the ex-soldier stormed out of his home. Furious Hounslow pushed past the other lads and shoved him in the back before hitting him "like a punch bag".
  2. good that
  3. Woo! Well done that man & well done that judge!! 8)

    The yob's father seems a bit of a knob though:

    Anyone want to pop round to Tony's place & lay a foot on his car? Did I suggest wearing Ammo boots when you did it...? :p
  4. good effort- bout time a judge earned his wage!!
  5. Not good enough - the ex-Cpl should have been given a medal and the hoodie scum sent down for 10 years!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    (my italics)

    Judge Boggis needn't have ordered him to pay costs, but could have told the CPS to get a grip and stop wasting taxpayer's money.

    We still have a long way to come before the law equates to justice.

    Anyway Old_Bloke, I hope you're not paying dosh for the M*rr*r and are only using the free website.
  7. I propose a whip round to pay the fine.

    "Nuff Respec' Nigel"

    Vigilantes of the world unite
  8. Like father like son obviously!!!, I'll volunteer for the job, my 22 stones of Yorkshire beef should make a pleasing impact on this chav's Cortina MKII!!!:wink:
  9. It is disgusting that these thugs and hooligans are able to walk free. What about a counter action aganst said "hoodie" for damages to car?? Maybe they will have to sell their jewellery to pay the fine. Better still, hit the parents (in the pocket, not the face) and fine them. They they might control their spawn. But the Judges would never allow that - too PC.
  10. too bloody right mate! :D
  11. I would do exactley the same to the little cnut and then his chav father `kin waster ,I` go fcuking mad if my kids had done that !!!!!!!!!

    I`ll chip in for his fine!
  12. I still feel sorry for the sod, He's now got a Record and is 500 notes down!

    Judge should've discharged him on grounds of provocation and the right to defend your property.
  13. should see how much damage a landie will do to a chav....
  14. Well done that man!
    I would have done the same thing about time someone had the balls to do the rite thing!
    The law just f*cking stupied at the moment about time the lil hoodie wearing fools got a kicking.
  15. Start up some kind of paypal contribution scheme, I'm sure £500 could be raised in a matter of hours :lol: