The War on (back garden) Pigeons

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Yeoman_dai, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. I've decided that since wood pigeons seem to want to crap all over my car, and generally mess everything in the garden up I shall have to declare war, and deal with them.

    My thoughts for this are a short .177 non FAC air rifle... I'm thinking Falcon or Hornet or the like. Anyone with any gen on these rifles, or any other suggestions?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have chickens and I used to cchase or shoot the pigeons, I dont bother anymore. I have found that one breeding pair of pigeons makes my garden their own dining room and they sit on my back fence pooping on the footpath behind. I dont get any other visitors to the feed as the resident pigeons chase them away and my hens do the rest! Easier than trying to hi a pigeon on the roof. I do however have to shoot a few rats and mice!
    I have found the 9mm rimfire double charged cartridge adequate!
  3. I would go for a Bsa lightning xl. Just on the limit for 12 ftlbs so non fac.

    It's a break barrel carbine, quick and easy to re-load, 1.77 is very accurate and hard hitting for birds.

    I would say that it is ideal for indoor pest control, which in turn makes it safe for a garden shoot.

    The build quality makes it reliable, and it has built in sling mounts. A walnut stock is available for an extra charge.

    I would recommend any of the rws pellets for quality.
  4. Damn, I thought I was going to be the only one to mention chickens, my cockerel is pretty comical zooming sideways across the garden at pigeons and blackbirds. I only get then in the garden first thing before the chooks come out, after that its chickens only! They also try and keep the dogs under control, and a fair degree of success too!
  5. BSA Ultra, get it regulated by tench from

    Great piece of kit
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    One of my Springer bitches retrieves the Hens if she can seperate them out, she is soft mouthed. She cant do it if they gang up on her which they often do!
  7. bowl of rice...aparently if they feed on the rice they will die.....NOT explode....they will die of internal bleeding within 3 hours..
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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You could get them pised with alcohol soaked grains and then kick **** out of them!
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  9. Not in my Kurt Geiger 4 inch heels i dont...but would be happy to watch
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  10. I would suggest some really sticky tar along the top of the fence and then go and flick their beaks with your fingers until they know who's boss..... that'll learn them

    Just a thought

    (worked with my weasel infestation anyway)


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  11. I use a Wather PPK CO2 blowback BB pistol made by Umarex which I've had for some years. It has a 15 round magazine (that's a bitch to fill) and has a light semi-automatic action.

    For ducks I prefer the .177 Air Arms S200 and Crosman Destroyer pellets for a guaranteed kill.
  12. Ok, ok, ok. forget all this talk about guns, alcohol soaked grains of rice or whatever. This is my suggestion:

    Have you got an electric lawnmower? If so, set it upside down in the middle of the lawn, tape down the trigger to the handle with black nasty, run the electric cable into the house, and plug it in, but do not switch on the socket.

    Sprinkle some crusts of bread into the lawnmower blades, and retreat inside to watch for the pigeons returning.

    When they go for the bread crusts, switch on the socket, and watch the carnage.

    NB: Do not have your little 5 year old daughter around as she will be upset.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. its gona make some mess of the happy not to be cleaning that mess up...............just saying
  14. At least remember to unplug the flex and wrap it up before cleaning the blades.
  15. if your pigeon shooting, .22 would be my recommendation. its a bigger pellet, better stopping power, and doesn't destroy internal meat too much if your looking to get dinner out of it.

    i use an air arms s410 carbine. brilliant rifle. other manufacture's to consider would be Daystate & Browning. All make fab rifles.
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