The war of the Balls

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. What a shame. I hope that they both commit suicide.
  2. If we have to see either of these dreadful people let it be the simpering Yvette. We can turn the sound off and imagine.........................
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    She's so ******* right-on, she didn't change her name when they married. It says to me that she cares enough for the regime-change of marriage, but not about the bit where she takes the surname of her husband, who obviously doesn't have the balls to insist upon that bit of the convention.

    I do wonder what her kids are called? Sharmella, Winnona and Tarquin Cooper-Balls perhaps, or maybe Balls-Cooper?

    Either way, considering that in 2 years, they flipped their home 3 times to rinse the allowances system (or the tax-payer), neither of these fuckwits is qualified by sufficient morals to go anywhere within 100 light years of the Chancellor's job - even the Shadow Chancellor's position.

    Having said that, I would imagine that Labour, being true to form, would give a big thumbs up to either one of these corrupt and idiotic turds having control of the nation's finances should they ever get let back in. After all, they want a millipede in the top job.

    MP's expenses

    £27,000 Subsidy

    Cooper was also the bint that conceived of and brought us the Home Information Pack (HiPs). Not the brightest tool in the box.
  4. Not quite what I was hopeing for, oh well back to create more mischief in the office, now who can I annoy next, I wonder?

  5. Well I grant you that they have slightly les developed moral compasses than a rutting mongoose but they seem to have more financial acumen than the two previous Labour incumbents of the post put together...
  6. If he got the gig,the headline writers would have a field day.
  7. Whats funny is Ed Balls is having to drop his previous story for this power grab, over the past few months since labour was ousted he has pretended to be concerned about peoples children acting as if the education departments has gone balls up since he left and that the only reason he was going for the leadership was that he was duty bound by his comrades urging.
    He'll have to think of a new story in his desperate grab for shadow 2ic.