The war in AFG is actually a war with Pakistan - except the PAK Govt.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. I'm interested to know other people's views on this. It has struck me for some time that really we are at war with Pakistan just not with the Pakistan government. I'll leave room for others to get this rolling rather than bias it with details of my own thought on this, I'll pitch those in later.
  2. I disagree, it's with every muslim who has oil money, but is bored, and every muslim that has no money, but is still bored. And those like AK who just like goats' bottoms!

    Get rid of muslim boredom and goats and the job's jobbed!
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  3. It's a tribal war that happens to straddle the Afghan-Pakistani border and we've been sucked into it. There are large parts of Pakistan not involved and who really don't give a toss either way, because it doesn't involve them or theirs.
  4. No we're not. Just because some of the enemy may originate from Pakistan doesn't mean we are at war with them.

    We don't break the British Armed Forces into the various nationalities that serve in it.

    If you wanted to go that far, any conflict involving the US could be deemed as a world war.
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  5. confirm, who are we at war with?
  6. Bad people?
  7. In my view we have been at (proxy) war with Saudi Arabia and Iran since 1979, when they started the race to invest $billions in promoting their respective forms of fundemental islam.

    40-odd years later, the initial investment has successfully generated a second tier of islamic problem states and organisations - including substantial non-conforming seperatist communities within non-isalmic countries - and so the range of physical wars we have to fight is increasing.
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  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It is a Pashtun insurrection, that happens to straddle the border - a border, incidentally, that Afghanistan still does not recognise. Pakistan has as much to lose from this as anyone, trouble is they (PakMil / ISI) don't see it like that.

    When the West has pulled out, that's when they'll be in real trouble - with the Indians, Turks, Russians and Chinese arming (what was) the Northern Alliance, and the Pashtuns revolting in the South - and also revolting in Pakistan. Still, they made a rod for their own backs there, if anyone ever did.
  9. Bit sweeping that, isn't it?

    Royal SCOTS Dragoon Guards, SCOTS Guards, WELSH Guards, IRISH Guards, Royal Regiment of SCOTLAND, Royal WELCH, Royal IRISH Regiment, everything but ENGLISH!
  10. **** me, bend that anymore out of context it will come full circle.

    I don't believe you're that obtuse, just an antagonist.
  11. We are at war with people who have bad toilet habits as far as I can see. We don't need smart bombs we need sniffer bombs.
  12. I just think your statement is wrong. The regimentle system is one of the greats in the 'British' Army, and that is based on home-nations too. Ok, those named are not full of those nationalities, but they're in the majority, and very much trible.

    The rest of you post, for what it's worth I agree with.
  13. I think the London Regiment, the Mercian Regiment, the Royal Anglian Regiment and the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment may just point to some places that are ENGLISH (sic)
  14. i thought we were there because God told Tony and George to do it. i think we're just standing by for QBO's at the moment..
  15. Good point, well put, and when you clear the shit out of your eyes and read the post your quote relates to you will find it is 'nationalities' that are being talked about, and last time I looked there was no 'English Regiment in the British Army's ORBAT, or would you like us to believe the counties etc. you mention are declaring UDI at 2359 today?