The War Graves Photographic Project

The current issue of 'After the Battle' contains an article about the above project. The Project has photographed over 1.8M graves/war memorials and has a searchable database. If the name you search for is listed, the site has a high resolution image, a copy of which can be ordered.

War Grave and Memorial Photographs supplied by The War Graves Photographic Project

There is a charge for photos (£4 for a high resolution electronic photo, which will also include a view of the cemetery if available) but the project is run on a 'not for profit' basis and the £4 goes back to supporting the team's work. In addition, £4 is much cheaper than popping off to Cairo, etc to take photos.

The search facility is v good. I found my Great Grandfather's grave in about eight seconds.

The project is not confined to Commonwealth graves. German and other graves are also being covered.

I have searched for mention of the project on Arrse and not seen anything. Apologies if this is a re-post of something previously covered.
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Here in the US I had found a Granduncle KIA oct 15th 1918. I dutifully sent $40 as requested to the US national archives (NARA) for his burial records and got nothing even though they cashed the check.

6 months later dicovered the ABMC (our version of the CWGC) Looked up his name and got the particulars, a picture of the gravestone as well, for free

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