The war for Gordons ear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. The war for Gordon's ear
    Telegraph Online
  2. Now't like a spot of Regimental Pride, The jocks where always a proud people.
  3. We're all 'proud' John - except some of us in the English regiments have turned to the right and got on with this travesty.

    That said, this issue over unifroms probably had more to do with the availability of No2s and new accoutrements for the parade than anything else. Unless there's a former BW member available to enlighten us...
  4. Back to the good old days. Time was, the scarlet jackets beloved of the paramilitary wing of the tourist board were in fact battle dress.

    The wearing of fancy parade-only uniforms is a curious late-Edwardian conceit. I'd like to see combat clothing as the standard dress for all public displays.

    Well done the Watch for leading the way.

    Gordon would be happy too - 'cos it must be cheaper.
  5. He may have noticed that they wore battledress, not kilts, and he may have wondered why

    Probably thought to himself "Och, thats saved a few poonds on uniforms, I'll be able to trim next years defence budget a wee slither"
  6. As I left the Forces in 1990, I have wondered just when and Why the current trend for wearing 'Battle Dress' (CS 95 ?) became the norm.
    Combats where previously considerd to exspensive for all time use.
  7. JW,

    The fashion for wearing combats everywhere, began almost as soon as they were issued, mainly because they are so comfortable and 'easy care', and despite specific instructions from MoD aimed at limiting their use.

    Then there was Mike Jackson, who as CinC ordered his staff at HQ LAND to wear the kit.

    It seems (as far as I can tell) to have eased somewhat, but for a couple of years at least, this led to resupply problems, because the maintenance scales planned for CS95 - that is the rate at which the stuff is bought and supplied to units for exchanges/diffies - couldn't keep pace with the demand for CS95 to clothe REMFs in HQs, and - you've guessed it already - this led to significant shortages in units on ops.
  8. It isn't his EAR he's talking out of.