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'An agile, adaptable and capable Air Force that, person for person, is second to none, and that makes a decisive air power contribution in support of the UK Defence Mission.’


This level is classified as considerable.
I had a poke at addressing that issue a few pages back. I supposed that explosives in the basement were used to undermine the fundemental stability of the building first. But like when a house suffers susidence the house remains standing but over time cracks begin to appear as the load bearing becomes shifted gradually to other parts of the building than the foundations. So I'm guessing that perhaps the bombs there were designed to create an instant subsidence effect. In other words the building still remaind standing but was now weakened. And that other events later would cause the second stage of the collapse to take effect.

How by the way do you know what burns to whom were caused by flash fire rather than some effect of explosive? Anyway didn't you say a few posts back you no longer subscribed to the 'fireball' in the lift shaft?

I posted a critique of NIST a few posts back in one to MikeMcc its worth having a look at.
random post of SLRBoy came back with a score of 6.42..classified as high wankyness
theoriginalphantom said:

Wank factor of 0.00

This level is classified as low.

Wank factor of 0.24

This level is classified as low.

its official, the RAF are marginally wankier than us.

And going 1 step further:

Rearparty =

Wank factor of 0.56

This level is classified as low.


Rumration =

Wank factor of 1.16

This level is classified as considerable

So The Andrew is the wankiest of the lot!!!!
Fu*k my name got an impressive 6.42 while only got 0.42.
I am officially a bigger wanker than that bullshitting tosser!
Tellytubbies got a whopping 6.42 high wankiness. Time to turn of the tv kids.
The really scary thing is my name got exactly the same score. 6.42 foul play afoot i think.


This things wrong. I put Tony Blairs name in and he only got 6.42!?! :threaten:


War Hero
naturally i put my name in, and got a 0.00

rock on wankometer.
I just put in Machristo and guess what i got yep you got it 6.42 its a fiddle.
scotlass said:
I just put in Machristo and guess what i got yep you got it 6.42 its a fiddle.
Agreed as I got exactly the same score as the Dalai Lama.

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