The Walter Mitty Hunt Club, apology.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Exserving, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Dear members.
    I have just joined this site for one reason and that is to appoligise to you the members of this site on behalf of the more reasoned members of the Walter Mitty Huntclub (WMHC). I am not here to troll or cause trouble!

    I have since left their Facebook page so I ask that this does not become a slanging match like last weekend as I was only aware this took place after logging on yesterday. I left the WMHC, Sorry Tim Wades Facebook page due to the nastiness and cowardly nature of Tim Wade and his ego fuelled crusade.

    btw he is trolling this site under the username, "The Scorpion"trying to out a kid for being a Walter mitty at school and on computer games. How sad is that!!!

    The reason behind the Walter mitty hunt club was to expose those who would use the armed forces or pose as a serving or ex member with orwithout medals, and using charity events or public days of remembrance to honour our fallen for their own walting activities and personal gain. It was ment to help inform the vulnerable and unsuspecting!
    I hope you would agree this would have been a worthy cause had it been for what I as with others were under the impression this club was for. Not some form of bully boy Combat18 club.

    Sadly, since reading the utter crap coming for Tim Wade and his partner in crime, Martin Andrew Hall. Who I will add has never served a day’s service in his life. I have saddend that I joined in the first place and I felt the need to first apologise to you on behalf ofmyself and the other members who have since left Wades group, for his behaviour.

    I for one do not represent a group who threaten serving or former soldiers with having their personal identities displayed over the internet just because Tim Wade wanted tofuel an internet fight. I do not support what he started or what he is doing now.
    Tim Wade and his ego could not let it go and kept trying to score points and drag others into it and I believe he used this site to troll and post both ways in regards to antagonising either side for his own benafit.

    Other members and I do not agree with Tim wade, which we believe started this bickering in the first place, solely to advertise his web page and fuel his already self-inflated ego. He continuly kept crowing about the number of hits he had gained over that period as if this was some form of victory over your site and for his argument and money he would make from such hits. He did not care a fig about the innocent members of the group who were unaware of the games he was playing at the time with both your members PERSEC and ours. Some who are still serving!

    He was more concerned at point scoring and screen capturing responses from here and Facebook and using those screen captures and not those were he was goading and being insulting to others but only posting the responses. This he has used as yet another childish point scoring on his web page.

    Others and I was apauled with Martin Andrew Halls attitude,who had the brass neck to accuse members of your site of being cowards and bully’sfor hiding behind usernames. This coming from someone who for quite a while was happy to hide behind several usernames and guises on Facebook and on here in order to do what you guys did far much better than he could once your cage had beenrattled! Ironically, he now accuses members of your site as being bullying cowards who hide behind fake usernames.

    Then again he has never served, so would not have understood squaddie humour onebit. His fault. Instead, he is acting like a spoilt child with a smacked arse who is self-pitying and itis sickening considering what he was going to do towards your members.

    Tim Wade in yet another sad point scoring excursion is nowso desperate to catch himself a Walter Mitty as a trophy for his website, has now resorted to exposing anyone he can find on facebook. I feel this will lead to yet another own gaol by Tim Wade who has wrongly accused and hounded WW2vets in the past.

    This is not what I joined the the Walter Mitty hunt club for and others as I want nothing to do with it!

    I felt there is a need to post this here as I know, had I posted this on his page it would immediately be deleted and I would be the next on his Walt Mitty hit list.

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  2. S p a c e b a r
  3. That's good of you.

    Be warned though, there are a number of idiots on ARRSE, so be prepared for some (unfair) abuse.
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  4. .Sorry:) ...about the spacing old fingers.
    Unlike Wade I can take a joke. He on the otherhand is one:)
  5. Fair enough
  6. About as sad as going on ARRSE and creating a profile so that you could write a fucking story about it.
  7. Oi, cockend, shut it, he joined to apologise, what's your excuse?
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  8. Its called defection poo :)
  9. I have a feeling this one is going to go in the same direction as last weeks one.........and I thought I was going to be bored tonight !!
  10. This is a great Site Exserving. Stay around and enjoy it.
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  11. Fair play to you, not many would do that, especially on this site.

    Welcome to ARRSE! Ignore the bellends who will probably start soon.
  12. armchair.jpg stella-artois-cans.jpg popcorn-bags.jpg
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  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I did not follow this particular saga closely, but taking your post at face value, and from purely personal perspective, I appreciate the effort and the sentiment behind it.

    Stick around, I'm sure you will feel more at home around here.
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  14. I hope this post will not turn out like what I read last night. The point of this post is in the title and I hope its taken by the majority as so.

  15. Or, having the military experience of Julian Clary, joining ARRSE and alluding to being the Army Oracle?

    You fucking tip toucher.

    Edit to add;

    Good post Exserving.
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