The Walt(?) who Saved a Thousand Lives

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cheesypoptart, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Sixty thousand, actually, if you go by this WaPo article:

    Stefan Templeton seems quite the hero. Still, there's something walt-ish about him, isn't there?
    Have I discovered the world's first heroic Walt?
  2. Priceless!
  3. Can't comment on the french diving/NATO frogman thing, but a casual reader would assume that 'Oxford's St Clare's College' is part of the University. It isn't.

    Also I don't buy that he's teaching the South Sudanese anything they don't already know; these guys were mounting division strength attacks before the ceasefire. The world really doesn't need enthusiastic amateurs running around these places.

    EDIT: And his mixing of 'humanitarian' and 'military' assisstance is particularly dangerous to NGOs operating in Sudan; enough MSF and Red Cross convoys have been shot up already without this eejit contributing to it.
  4. maybe i'm just cynical, but some bits stand out more than others...

  5. No!

    I'm Stefan Templeton and here is my Website

    Watch your speakers
  6. He's not obvious combat swimmer material is he? :wink:


  7. So, he jacked then. Plus, he's AWOL. :)
  8. Somewhat Baronial in stature, and in statement. Or is it just me
  9. Hello all. I came across your virtual tea party here by googling my name.

    It's a little late for me to comment but let me get this straight - some journalist writes a story about our work in Southern Sudan, and yeah,
    Matthews wrote some hyperbolic crap, and all you can do is gripe about the stupid tone of the article. Nothing about the fact that we were instrumental in saving thousands of people lives from armed attack.

    Wow, you're a pretty sad bunch of pathetic losers, you commentators. You really have nothing better to do with your time than gossip about me?

    I welcome the chance to see any of you armchair warriors face to face in DC, or Niarobi, or Douala, or Djibouti, or Kabul, which certainly won't happen because you're obviously too busy gossiping on this site.

    If any of you armchair warriors want to do something constructive with your time, and you've got some skills, we welcome your applications to the SPEAR project We have ongoing peace support operations in several Sub-Saharan countries.

    As for the rest of you losers .... enjoy your little tea party.
  10. Googling your own name? Do that often? Massage one's ego much?
  11. How can we be sure he is for real?

    If he was for real he would be certified by the International Bodyguard Association.
  12. Looks to me like you are a self-important prick who believes his own hype. I would have joined in the gossiping, but unfortunately was too busy just a little to the east of Sudan at the time. I'll give you a shout next time I'm out there, and you can show me your underwater prowess. :nemo:

  13. :x
  14. Looks like Lloyd from Corrie. Underwater cabbie knife fighter?
  15. Blood type cut into the heels of his boots? :x Come now! It sounds like something out of The Sixteen! He's clearly allergic to the truth, though...