"The Walt to end all Walts"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by turretmuppet2485, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Well have just finished Herrick 7 and was attached to a unit a great bunch of lads...during that time i met the biggest Walt you could imagine.i am sure the boys in the same unit i was with can back me up on this i mean the guy was a Platoon Sjt in a warzone and how the f**k he got posted out there is outrageous.Suggesting we make up contacts by firing few shots off and dropping a SALTA......fav saying was "cocksuckers" bit of his waffle to name a few......... M*I*T*C*H

    1- " I am the fastest promoted infantry Sjt in the Army "
    2- " I killed over 100 people since i joined "
    3- " I have killed using all of the weapons in the army, even my own hands "
    4- " I am a trained sniper"
    5- " I lead strike ops in Sierra Leone to rescue Hostages "
    6- " I completed juniors with two broken wrists "

    A f**king lunatic and still serving today can you believe it.He was RTU`d ( lucky as was due a shoeing ) from Herrick in closing months and shamed himself.Been bust since but still in army and due on tour again......dont the army have a mental assessment team to weed out these walts.i will not rant on as even thou a Walt to end all walts he did damage the platoon with his abuse of power.
  2. Not 7 Rifles per chance?
  3. Indeed my dear fellow indeed.He was a regular
  4. Are you sure you weren't listening to me at the pub last Friday night ?

    If you also heard:

    7) I've shagged more women than you can shake a stick at.
    .8) I was Princess Di's bodyguard before Trev. In fact I trained Trev.
    9) My schlong is 10" with a semi-lob on.
    10) I scaled Mt Everest dressed only in DMS, sunglasses, and a hard on.

    Then it probably was me.
  5. Forgot the one of many i might add where he did selection and was told he was too good to be in a four man team...........can forget as so so many.........
  6. i hope the muppet got filled in. :x sounds like a right fcuking mong.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He sounds dangerously stupid!
  8. What a guy! 8O

    Good if he's reading this, its probably where he gets his ideas!
  9. I got kicked out of the SAS for being too aggressive.
  10. Are you saying he WAS a regular and is NOW a Terrier or that he is STILL a Regular?
  11. He was sent packing from an Operational theatre so he is f**ked
  12. He is still a Regular
  13. Is he related to Private Golden ?
  15. is his name Sgt Mlaaar?
    becuase he souns like a mong!