The " Walt " Thread and Reality TV...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. Following all the bumf re: Ultimate Force thread and the wannabee soldier types reminded me of what made the old war movies so much fun....the total disregard for reality..


    " Right lads, here's the plan.. We wait 'til noon and, in broad daylight, we jump out of the slit trenches, run across the open field yelling ' Arrrrrgh !' at the top of our lungs and firing our weapons indiscriminately, exhausting our mags and clips at a furious rate while avoiding the enfilading machine gun fire from the enemy. Then, when we reach the concrete gun emplacement we'll toss our grenades with the precision of a cricket test match bowler through the tiny slit, blow up their command post and then take the rest prisoner when they surrender demoralised by our bold effort. Charlie, you lead off. "


    " okay boys, as soon as its too dark to see your hand in front of your face, we crawl our way across the ground trying not to sh*t our pants so that the smell gives away our position..Then, , if we make it to the command pill box, some of us will try and place satchel charges againt the concrete walls and hope that if some go off, they'll knock enough rubble and debris down into their coffee to really p*ss them off...then we scramble back here as fast as we can hoping we don't take more than 40% cazualties..okay, Charlie you lead off..."

    Anyone old enough to remember Richard Todd?
  2. Todd - what a player - did it in the movie but, more to the point, did it for real: Pl Comd, 7 Para, 1 AB Div, Normandy, 6 Jun 44.

  3. Hold until relieved...
  4. QUE?
  5. The Longest Day - Pegasus Bridge.
  6. Right---Pegasus Bridge..
    In the film, Richard Todd leads the Paras in advance of D-Day to snag the bridge and hold until the next day when Lord Lovat's 4th Commandos can join up..

    I had the great and humbling honour to serve Lord Lovat for a time with one of his Canadian endeavours...had ' Elevenses ' with his Lordship at his home outside Beauly on a trip to Scotland, back in the day...Grand Man..will be no more like him...Have his, personally autographed,Autobiography " March Past ", and some personal correspondence from him , on House of Lords stationary, in a treasured spot in the library...

    sniff - damn.. starting to sound like C. Aubrey Smith in four Feathers, now..
  7. SOP in the gents. But remember, more than 3 shakes is maturbation.
  8. and youre only allowed to shake your own!!
  9. Shame he forgot to mention that it was the men of the 2nd Battalion, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry who siezed the Orne bridges before he popped off then. :roll:
  10. Tatty badger that was the order at pegasus bridge "hold until relieved"

    Rember some veteran on telly telling a war story about a glider landing complete surprise achevied young officer runs into blockhouse full of sleeping germans jabs revolver into sleeping german and in his best german demands his surrender half asleep germans tells him to piss off fritz officer tries again german swears some more and rolls over officer gives up slinks out and tell sgt to take them prisoner dont know if its true but if you got a chest full of medals you get the benefit of the doubt :lol:
  11. Good memory, Woody.
  12. was lord lovat the chap who's piper is in that famous d day picture?
  13. Yes. It was Bill Millin.
    NB The only thing that these guys didn't realise was that there were no snipers, just bog-standard trained soldiers with iron sights.
  14. Bill Millin's pipes are in the Dawlish (Devon) museum. He donated them and still lives in Dawlish.