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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ratty22, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Mods. Apols if this is in the wrong slot, it's intended for the AOSB sticky.

    Good afternoon everybody, could anyone offer a view please. Westbury beckons, and I'm pretty well ready for it. However, one area raises just a tad, a mere smidgeon of concern. You see, I'm just a little on the short side, not a midget but, well to be honest I wouldn't be tall even among Gurkha soldiers, and this wall thingy that I've to get over seems a bit, erm challenging. Everything else physical I can swan, but..

    So the question to all of you gentlemen is as follows. Do you know of any one who did not get over this wretched wall and still pass?

    Right, I'm off for my stretching exercises.

    Thanks for reading, I'll watch & wait.

  2. My bold

    hmm seems like a negative attitude is sinking in already.

    the question should be what tips do you have for me to get over the b*stard.

    Answer: If your phys is in good nick then the wall should pose no dramas, bomb burst towards it and throw your foot up against it as high as you can then push up towards the top edge once you've got hold heave yourself up. THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE CANT GET OVER IT, because they are weak both in upper body strength and mental attitude.

    If you really want over that wall you will get over it.

    it not difficult in fact its f*cking easy

    hope this helps :D :D

  3. Don't worry about it , don't be thinking in negative terms. The wall isn't that tall just fire at it and give it loads of aggression and determination (thats what they're looking for), when I did it, it was just a wooden panelled affair painted green and red probably about 8' or 9', I assume its still the same?
  4. Red Phos

    Just the job. I'll let you know.


  5. What dates your board? as I'm off quite soon myself
  6. Nail on the head!

    If you set yourself up to fail, you will not get over it as simple as that. Over arm chins (or similar) are v helpful. All you have to do is get a grip on the top of the wall and then rely on strength. Sorry for your vertical challengedness, but you will have to go for upper body strength to compensate........

    Or those shoes with springs in.......Or stilts.

    Seriously good luck.

  7. I am also a midget and I got over it!

    As for your original question.. I know an AOSB applicant who attempted AOSB twice. On each occasion he did well enough in all respects except the wall. He didn't pass.

    To be honest, although this might sound harsh, there's no fcking excuse for not getting over. Its not as if you can't practice it repeatedly, is it?

    "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail".

    God its grand to have passed and be able to intone high-horsed advice to youngsters, isn't it, eh what? :D
  8. The only bitch is the thick layer of bull you leave on the top of the wall. One clamber = several hours of bulling.

    It's not that difficult though. Just remember you are converting kinetic energy (i.e., forward motion) into potential energy (i.e., altitude). Your right foot is the fulcrum upon which to do this.

    Good luck,

  9. Having only done AOSB briefing I've only done the wall once, but I got over in about 3 seconds, just nail the run up and be really agressive about it, plant your foot and launch yourself.

    If you can't haul your own bodyweight over a wall then you need to lay off the ginsters!

    I'm sure you'll be fine.
  10. My advice is to go garden hopping. Not only will this prepare you for the wall but it will also work on your fitness when you get chased by angry home owners.
  11. Hang off the wall bars in the gym for a bit, with weights on your ankles.

    It may stretch you out a bit.
  12. I remember when I did it that you could tackle every ob in any order and that you had to complete all obs before being allowed to run a second lap for extra points. Clearly there is some scope here for arranging your obs order tactically to play to your strengths (and weakness). For example, hit the wall first and get over it whilst you're fresh, then get round the other obs, leaving the wall 'til late on your second lap. If you make it that far before you run out of time, you'll be exhausted anyway. Failing that, if you really, really think that you'll not make it over the wall at alll (and notwithstanding the comments above), just leave it 'til last. A bit obvious really.

    Incidentally, how short can you be; I thought there was a limit to shortness and military service?
  13. When i rocked up to main board (jun'07) I had the same idea, apart from the fact that you MUST start on the rope swing. Wall was done second, I stuggled on the first, made it on the second attempt, and passed over all.

    Look out for the big sheet of sandpaper stuck to the leading edge, get your foot on it with a half decent set of grippy shoes(good for turnings in MSFT also) and you will be fine.Merrels are the way forward FACT. Espesh when you get a small shower on the assault course just prior to venturing on to it.
  14. Which walls are we talking about here? is it your usual 5 and 6 foot walls like in the NATO assault course down in ballykinler, or is it the big 12 foot fkers?

    Really, nobody should have a drama with the prior, but if you're 5 foot nothing, and trying to get over the 12 foot wall, i could see the issue... If all else fails, drag a ladder with you =D