The Walking Dead


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Sunday nights on Channel 5 or whatever, i started watching it when it first came out and it's now on season 2 or 3. Now i don't usually pay attention to american dramas or jumped up sit coms, but this is the absolute Dogs Bollocks or Badgers Arrse so to speak, any others fans of The Walking Dead


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Usually watch in on FX, the comics are better.
I enjoy it, some people complain about season 2 but I liked it, some people just want everything there and then.
Trailer for Season 4 is out now too.

Don't wanna spoil it for anyone but (SPOILER ALERT)

Kevin Spacey is Keyzer Soze
Just downloaded Series 1 to take away with me, looking forward to it.

Big fan of Sons of Anarchy, just finishing Series 5, does anyone else watch that?
The TV series is far to bright and the main characters are too nice.
Far, far too hopeful.
I've watched the whole thing so far, rather gloomy soap opera about some grumpy Septics trudging towards death while advertising Modern Sporting Rifles and silenced pistols. Also has less skin than Game Of Thrones. Meh.
I'm a huge fan, can't wait for Season 4 as I want to see how the new situation plays out.

(Trying really hard not to spoil anything but those that have watched all off Season 3 will know what I mean!)


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And what about Andrea? most people i know say she's not even good looking, anyone disagree?
Watched all of them and as they air first in the US on Showtime I think I tend to download the episodes from usenet and watch them all at once over 3 or 4 nights for continuity of the storyline.

Good series. It is zombie but this one has some editorial thought behind it and stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Andrea got shot end of the last series (put down is a more apt description as a zombie bit her) so will not appear from here on in.
Love it, saw season 2 advertised when I was in Thailand, they love it over there, it was quite literally the only thing advertised on their movie channel, so I didn't have much choice. However once I'd caught up with season 1 I was hooked!

Wish I would have watched it when it came out but I got it confused with waking the dead!
Didn't like the look of it when first advertised - thought it was another gory, naff horror. Then played the walking dead game on Xbox and got hooked on the show. After Breaking Bad I think it's one of the best dramas out there and nice to see two really good performances from the two British actors playing the governor and rick.

My only request would be to have Andrew Lincoln resurrect his role in 'teachers' as a cross over to walking dead. I'd love to see him and fellow teachers get devoured by zombies (I don't know why I use to like this show when it was first out).

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