The Walking Dead

I've heard good things about The Walking Dead I did watch a couple of episodes here and there and did get into it. But never got round to actually watch them all what's it like? Also i've seen they've made a walking dead game and have watched People stream/playing it it's a pretty good game as well.
Watched the first series and half the second, I like it. It's not a zombie horror like some of the trashy films, although there is a fair share of gore, it's certainly more of a drama with how the survivors slowly lose their humanity

The game got me into it - more of an interactive tv show than a game though. Very enjoyable though and done in a similar style to the series.
The second episode of the game thoroughly creeped me out. I saw the twist coming from a mile away, but I was still shocked when it happened. I like the TV series too, but something I never understand is just how dumb survivors in zombie films and shows are. They always seem to make the wrong decisions.
Agree with the stupidity of survivors, never more epitomised than in Falling Skies though - survive a vicious urban war then wander about without cover crossing over your oppos line of fire....

Both seasons of WD pretty good though, looking forward to season 3.
Thoroughly hooked on Walking Dead. Just watched the first episode of season 3, and it looks as though it's going to be as good as the previous two seasons.

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